Quiz 3 - Engaging With Your Sources

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1. (1 point) From what you have read here, which of the following are the most important criteria for evaluating information sources?

ease and speed of access to the information, cool graphics
authority of the author, currency of the information, intended audience of the information, relevance of the information to your topic
the information is in a book, not on the web
the information is in a scholarly journal, not a book

2. (1 point) Which of these criteria is most useful to ascertain the authority of an author?

The author's books have been favorably reviewed by others who are authorities in the same field
The author has published many books
The author's name seems familiar

3. (1 point) Which of the following would most useful to find out about an author?

The author's date of birth
The author's affiliations (where the author works or holds a membership)
The author's ability to use graphics to design a good looking publication

4. (1 point) How can you find reviews for a book published before 1970?

Book Review Index online database
Search the Web using a search engine
Book Review Index in the print format which preceeds computer databases

5. (1 point) A bibliography in a book, article, or Web publication is helpful because:

It tells on what pages in the book you will find the subject of interest
It gives a short summary of the author's life
It lists the books, articles, Web pages or other information used by the author.

6. (1 point) Which of the following is the basic principle for citing your sources?

You must give credit to the people who originated the evidence you use to support your thesis
You must pay a copyright fine if it is discovered that you used information from someone else's work without giving them credit
You learn to follow the strict format specified by a style manual

7. (1 point) Which of the following is acceptable when using ideas you have drawn from the work of others?

Use their words exactly as they wrote them so it appears that you wrote them yourself
Use their words exactly without citing them as long as the percentage you use does not exceed 20% of what you write yourself
Paraphrase, summarize or use their words exactly as long as you identify the original source

8. (1 point) Style manuals are important because:

They give you the details about how to cite your sources
They give you lists of the best books and articles for your topic
They are required reading for every course

9. (1 point) There are many style manuals because:

Different disciplines require different ways to document the sources used to support a paper
Different publishers want to make more money selling style manual books
Professors can't agree with each other about the one best way to cite sources