Quiz 2 - Refining Your Search

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1. (1 point) Rank these three types of resources in order (left to right) from most current information to least current information.

Books, newspapers, magazines
Magazines, newspapers, books
Newspapers, magazines, books

2. (1 point) From this initial list of search results in the OSU library catalog, which of the following can you answer about the books?

If the book contains a bibliography
An impression about the nature of the material based on the author's title words
If the book is currently available for checkout

3. (1 point) Which of these strategies to find related materials is NOT possible with the click of a mouse while you are looking at a record in the library catalog?

Use the bibliography published in each book to see what sources the author used
Find out if this library has other books this author has published
Find other records for books shelved near this book in the library
Use the LC Subject Headings to search for other materials on the same subject

4. (1 point) Answer this question and the next from the library catalog record for a book below. True/False: This book contains a bibliography for further reading.


5. (1 point) Using the library catalog record in the previous question, which pair of fields will be most useful for finding other materials related to the same topic as this book?

Author and Descript
Subj., lc and Author
Subj., lc and ISBN

6. (1 point) One strategy for evaluating a Web page is to "backtrack" using the domain name in the URL. How can this be helpful?

If the home page is at a college or university, you can be absolutely sure the information is valid
If the home page is at a commercial site, you can be sure that the site is only trying to sell something so it is probably not useful
If the home page is for an entity (organization, institution, etc.) likely to be producing or sponsoring authoritative information on the topic, the information may be valid.

7. (1 point) Which of these criteria is most helpful in evaluating the credibility of a Web site?

How often the page has been accessed according to its counter
Quality of the page design and graphics
Who published the page and their purpose

8. (1 point) Besides using key words to describe your subject in search engines, which of these strategies are suggested for finding useful information on the Web?

Identify authors who have written on your topic and search for their names
Identify agencies and organizations important to your topic, find their Web sites and search WITHIN those Web sites for information
Use sites that are maintained by people who have applied evaluative criteria to pre-select sites by topic
All of these were suggested.

9. (1 point) Which of the following is NOT an important criteria for evaluation of the materials you need?

Timeliness of information
Intended audience of the material
You can understand the material
All of these are important

10. (1 point) Which of the following is the magazine or journal title in this citation?

Call of the Wild
Air Force Times
Castellon, David

11. (1 point) The second level of evaluation in an article database:

Takes place as you look at the list of retrieved citations
Happens when you examine the citation and abstract or text for each item you select from your results list
Takes place when you use the information you now have to find other articles on your topic