Quiz 1 - Exploring Your Topic

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1. (1 point) If your topic is vague, how might you best begin to focus your topic?

spend more hours searching the Web and getting lots of hits with some relevance to the topic
make a list of questions about aspects of the topic
change topics

2. (1 point) If you need more background information about your topic before you can start to write, which of these resources would you select?

books and magazines
Web sites
Any or all of these

3. (1 point) Which set below best represents the main concepts in the following sentence: What are the health risks associated with the use of anabolic steroids by women athletes?

performance enhancing drugs, athletes, competitiveness
anabolic steroids, women athletes, health risks
women, females, girls

4. (1 point) Which set below best represents a (partial) list of synonyms and related terms for the concept "college students"

students, university students, undergraduates, graduate students, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors...
colleges, universities, community colleges, schools, educational institutions...
young people, kids, youth, young adults, teenagers, twenty-year-olds...

5. (1 point) If you wanted to find books in the Valley Library, what research database would you search?

The periodical index called Academic Search Elite
The library's online catalog
The library's online catalog called ValleySearch

6. (1 point) In the OSU library catalog, you can identify whether we subscribe to a particular magazine or journal.


7. (1 point) A library catalog record for a book generally includes the "status" of an item. What does "status" mean?

Whether the book was peer reviewed
What floor the book is on in the library
Whether the book is checked out to someone else or available for use.

8. (1 point) A good database to use to find citations for articles from magazines or journals on many topics is:

The library's catalog
A general periodical index, such as Academic Search Elite
The Library of Congress Call Number Directory

9. (1 point) Which of the following is a record for a journal article?

10. (1 point) Anyone, from researchers to hobbyists to school children, can make information available on the Web.


11. (1 point) Using this result from a search engine, who is the "owner" of this web site?

a business
a college or university
a government agency
some other type of organization