Multimedia Collection

Body Typed: 3 Short Films on Media and Physical Perfection

31 min

BF697.5 .B63 E68 2009 DVD

False Images
Exposes the art of digital photo-retouching. How do images of perfect female beauty influence men's perceptions of real women? And, how we see ourselves.

The Guarantee
Teasing, self-perception, cultural identity, and plastic surgery. How would changing our bodies to try to fit an image alter the way we see ourselves? —— Or even who we are? Hand-drawn before our eyes, this illustrated documentary reveals a dancer's hilarious story about his prominent “Italian” nose and the effect it has on his career.

34 x 25 x 36
A look at mannequins, religion and perfection. Enter the inner workings of the Patina V Mannequin Factory and see what goes into making “the ideal woman of the moment” — in plastic.

Producer: Jesse Epstein.

Distributed by New Day Films.

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