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Fifteen Strings of Cash

123 minutes
M1805.3 .F51 1956

This is the screen version of a Kunchu opera, one of the best in its traditional repertoire. With a close-knit plot, it is adapted from a famous romance. One evening Butcher Yu Hu-lu comes home fuddled with 15 strings of cash he has borrowed somewhere. He tells playfully his foster daughter Su Hsu-chuan he has sold her for that much money. Taking his joke seriously, she runs away at dead of night. A local thug Lou Ah-shu happens to come by, he steals the money and kills Yu. People in the neighbourhood suspect Su to be the culprit and run after her. When they get her and find 15 strings of cash on Yu-lan, her fellow traveller, they bring the two to the Country Magistrate Kuo Yu-chih. Without making any detailed investigation, he sentences Su and Hsiung to death. Poor Su and Hsiung! Will they be exonerated?

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