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Complaints at the Quing Court (Ch'ing Kung Yuan)

107 minutes
M1805.3 .C61 1983

At the end of the nineteenth century, a power struggle is being waged in the Qing Court. Young Emperor Guang Xu, assisted by his favorite concubine Zhen, and some upright ministers advocate "Constitutional Reform and Modernization" and a hard-line foreign policy. On the other side, court nobles headed by Empress Dowager Ci Xi want to pursue an appeasement policy by paying indemnities and giving up territories to the Imperialists.

In order to carry out the Reform, Guang Xu dismisses a number of conservative officials and promotes the well-known reformist Kang Youwei to a high position. At the same time, he pleads with Ci Xi to approve the Reform. Wild with rage, Ci Xi places him under surveillance. Guang Xu summons Yuan Shikai secretly to bring his troops from Tianjin to the capital, Beijing, to prevent Ci Xi from interfering in the state affairs. Instead of carrying out Guang Xu's order, Yuan Shikai betrays him by informing Ci Xi of Guang Xu's plan. Ci Xi immediately stages a coup d'etat and imprisons Guang Xu in the Palace. The Reform Movement ends in failure.

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