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Japanese Traditional Music: A Teaching Unit for Grades 3-8

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ML340 .B51 1991

Saying that you will be "teaching about Japan" is like saying you will be "teaching about math." There is so very much to be both taught and learned that it is essential to begin with a look at some concrete aspect of Japanese culture and go from there. If this unit is successful, it will be because it provides for the classroom teacher a window through which to look, and through which the sight of students may be directed.

The traditional music of Japan is a microcosm of the nation. It reflects the history, the ethics, the values. It touches the highest and the lowest in the society. It is part of both entertainment and religion. Perhaps most importantly, its elements touch the human spirit, communicating in ways that spoken language cannot do. Music is, indeed, the international language -- but some of its dialects are difficult to understand without some additional interpretation. The information part of this unit should provide that for you.

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