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Aspects of Stravinsky

166 minutes
ML410 .S932 A861 1986 tapes 1-2

"Igor Stravinsky bestrides twentieth century music like a colossus. He saw Tchaikovsky conduct, and was still composing after the beatles broke up.

The premiere of the Rite of Spring in May 1913 was an event in musical history which changed the course of Western art forever, but it was not the most important, not even the most interesting aspect of Stravinsky's life. Throughout the many styles and influences which permeate his music - from Jazz to Twelve Tone, from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century - one beacon shines with unnerving consistency. Stravinsky was Russian.

Apart from anything else, he is the foremost Russian composer of our time, a family man with an acute sense of tradition and rigorously, religiously orthodox. The first piece of music he wrote was a setting of the Lord's Prayer, in Latin - The last piece was a setting of the Lord's Prayer in Russian. That long journey is the subject of this film.

But there is another element. Stravinsky liked to say that music can express nothing, only itself. At the centre of Stravinsky's life, however, was a profound personal tragedy. It was, and is, the real clue to a proper understanding of this most extraordinary man ..."

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