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John Cage: Man and Myth

60 minutes
ML410 .C24 J6261 1990

Musician John Cage is the great avant-garde artist, thinker-poet of our time. Through his study of Zen, he single-handedly changed the direction of post-war music and performance art in America. More so than any other composer, Cage carries the teachings of Thoreau, Marcel Duchamp and Gertrude Stein into our modern age. He teaches us how to listen.

John Cage: Man and Myth is a spoken and musical tribute to John Cage, with comments by some of today's foremost music, literary and art world figures, and an absorbing in-depth interview with Cage himself.

Son of an inventor, Cage turned the standard piano into a full orchestra by inserting screws, bolts, weather-stripping and bamboo between the strings, leading to his haunting Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano, performed on this tape by Joshua Pierce.

Included are interviews with: David Antin, Richard Kostelanetz, Alison Knowles, Allan Kapro, Philip Glass, Marjorie Perloff, Jackson MacLow, Peter Frank, Ivor Darreg, Jonathan Glasier, Johnny Reinhard, Charlie Morrow, Grete Sultan, Mary Feinsinger and Glenn Branca. Stuart Sherman performs his Portrait of John Cage, and Cage reads his "mesostic" poetry.

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