Multimedia Collection

Heifetz Master Classes

240 minutes
MT260 .H41 1962 v.1-2

Maestro Jascha Heifetz, this century's greatest violinist, becomes Professor Heifetz in these rare filmed master classes from the early 1960s. Taken from his legendary sessions at USC, Los Angeles, this brilliant musician can be seen demonstrating, cajoling, inspiring and - and occasionally - terrifying his pupils as he imparts his unquestioned genius and lifetime of musical experience.

Learn the secrets of intonation, phrasing and vibrato from the man whose name has become synonymous with the violin: Heifetz! Now, for the first time, these eight half-hour programs are available on two 120-minute cassettes, as well as in a specially-priced collector's edition! As the Boston Globe wrote, "It's a privilege to look in on ... the master violinist in action."

A collector's Item: Volume 2 contains never-before-released footage showing Heifetz in a rare, humorous parody of an awesomely untalented violin student giving an audition. A "must see" for all Heifetz fans!

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