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Doctor Atomic

230 min
M1500 .A2 D63 2008 DVD

Opera in two acts.

Doctor Atomic concerns itself with the work of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists at the test site of the first atomic bomb outside Los Alamos, New Mexico during the lead-up to the first detonation. As Zero Hour relentlessly approaches and conditions become less and less favourable, individual tensions build feverishly, and Oppenheimer and his staff struggle with the moral implications of their work on 'the Gadget', and the strong possibility of global annihilation.

Recorded in High Definition video and true surround sound, John Adams' fascinating, overwhelming score and Peter Sellars' forceful staging (and TV direction) portray Oppenheimer, exquisitely sung by Gerald Finley, as a profoundly troubled man, at odds with himself but moving inexorably forward, representative of the great ethical dilemmas of humanity itself.

Performers: Gerald Finley (J. Robert Oppenheimer) ; Jessica Rivera (Kitty Oppenheimer) ; Eric Owens (General Leslie Groves) ; Richard Paul Fink (Edward Teller) ; James Maddalena (Jack Hubbard) ; Thomas Glenn (Robert Wilson) ; Jay Hunter Morris (Captain James Nolan) ; Ellen Rabiner (Pasqualita) ; Ruud van Eijk (Lieutenant Bush) ; Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest ; Koor van De Nederlands Opera ; Lawrence Renes, conductor.

composer, John Adams ; libretto, Peter Sellars from original sources ; stage director, Peter Sellars.

Recorded live at Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, 7, 25 & 29 June 2007.

Sung in English; subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

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