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116 min
M1500 .S92 R8 2002 DVD

Opera. Music by Arthur Sullivan. Libretto by W.S. Gilbert.

A witch's curse binds each Lord of Ruddigore to commit a crime a day — or die. Meantime, in the local fishing village, all the young men are in love with pretty Rose Maybud. Her secret favorite is Robin who, unfortunately, is really the Lord of Ruddigore, living incognito to avoid the family curse. He is exposed and forced into a life of crime, until faultless logic offers an ingenious solution and a blissful reunion with Rose. Featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Opera Chorus and starring Vincent Price, John Treleaven, Sandra Dugdale, Keith Michell and Ann Howard.

Performers: Vincent Price, John Treleaven, Sandra Dugdale, Keith Mitchell, Ann Howard ; London Symphony Orchestra ; Alexander Faris, conductor ; Ambrosian Opera Chorus ; John McCarthy, chorus master.

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