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155 min
M1500 .S89 C36 2003 DVD

Conversation piece for music in one act. Composer Richard Strauss.

"The German classical composer Richard Strauss (1864-1949) penned his final opera, the 1942 Capriccio, as a one-act "conversation piece," set to music - a reference to the work's heavy reliance on long monologues. The narrative, which unfolds in a salon on the outskirts of the City of Lights, follows The Countess as she weighs the value of words (represented by her suitor Oliver, the poet) against the value of melody (represented by her suitor Flamand, the composer). As Oliver and Flamand prepare for The Countess's birthday celebrations, their discussion concerns literature versus music on the surface, but on a deeper level represents their attempts to vie with one another for The Countess's heart. The home video release Capriccio constitutes a filmed performance of the work, as mounted and performed by The San Francisco Opera in 1993. The cast includes Kiri Te Kanawa, Hakan Hagegard, Tatiana Troyanos, and Victor Braun. Eleanor Fazan choreographs, Stephen Lawless directs, and The San Francisco Opera Orchestra provides musical accompaniment." - All Movie Guide

Kiri Te Kanawa (Countess) ; Håkan Hagegård (Count) ; Tatiana Troyanos (Clairon) ; Victor Braun (La Roche) ; David Kuebler (Flamand) ; Simon Keenlyside (Olivier) ; Michel Sénchal (Monsieur Taupe) ; Dale Travis (Major-domo) ; San Francisco Opera Orchestra ; conducted by Donald Runnicles.

Recorded live from the San Francisco opera as part of A celebration of Strauss 1993.

Sung in German with English subtitles.

Distributed by Kultur (

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