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A Death in Tehran / Uganda: Out of the Wild

60 min
DS318.825 .D43 2010 DVD

A Death in Tehran
At the height of the protests following Iran's controversial presidential election in summer 2009, a young woman named Neda Soltani was shot and killed on the streets of Tehran. Her death — filmed on a camera phone, then uploaded to the Web — quickly became an international outrage, and Soltani became the face of a powerful movement that threatened the hardline government's hold on power. With the help of a unique network of correspondents in and out of the country, FRONTLINE investigates the life and death of the woman whose image remains a potent symbol for those who want to keep the reform movement alive. The film also explores a number of unanswered questions in the aftermath of the greatest upheaval in Iran since the 1979 revolution: How many were arrested and killed as the security forces attempted to contain the growing protest movement? To what extent was the presidential vote manipulated? What is the nature of the reported divisions among Iran's ruling elites?

Uganda: Out of the Wild
Also from FRONTLINE/World, a story from the wilds of Uganda's “Impenetrable Forest” — home to the world's largest population of Mountain Gorillas, but also a hotbed for a number of deadly diseases that cross the species barrier from animals to humans. Producers Singeli Agnew and Serene Fang discover that a new idea in public health called “One Health” is emerging to help combat threats like Ebola, Marburg virus, and Tuberculosis.

Distributed by PBS Home Video.

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