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Bull Run

29 min
F882 .B8 B85 2009 DVD

Originially broadcast as an episode of the OPB series "Oregon experience."
For 115 years, Portland, Oregon has enjoyed some of the purest and best-tasting drinking water of any large American city. The water is diverted from a river in a very wet area of the Cascade Range, a small, isolated watershed with high levels of rain and snow. The river, the lake that feeds it and the surrounding forested slopes all share the same name: Bull Run. The Bull Run watershed drains about 100 square miles. It boasts beautiful views of Mt Hood, lush old-growth forest and one of the prettiest big dams in Oregon. But to protect the water from contamination, the entire area has long been closed to public access. Bull Run water serves nearly 25% of all Oregonians. Yet this program may be many viewers' first real look at the source of their drinking water. "Bull Run" combines old photographs and charts with modern aerial footage and GIS mapping. Casey Short, author of the only full-length book on Bull Run, recounts its early history. And Dave Rowley, one of the few people to have actually lived in the watershed, shares stories from his childhood there. Narrator, Jack McGowan.

Distributed by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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