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Cascadia: The Hidden Fire

60 min
QE535.2 .U6 C37 2004 DVD

Join scientists on a fascinating journey of discovery of super-quakes in the Pacific Northwest. New cutting edge research reveals that the area will experience earthquakes as large as humans have ever witnessed. Dozens of lethal crustal faults lie just underneath Seattle and Portland and could cause catastrophic damage. And a massive magnitude 9.0 subduction zone earthquake could wreak havoc up and down the 700 mile Cascadia coast...from Southern British Columbia to Northern California. This shaking would last two to four minutes and cause major damage along most of the West Coast.

From the bottom of the ocean to high-tech satellites; from revealing and historic clues in Alaska and Japan to colorful Native American stories; Cascadia uncovers a hidden and dangerous story. Heart-stopping eyewitness survivor stories from Alaska's great 1964 earthquake and Seattle's Nisqually quake provide a human dimension, while breathtaking cinematography and state-of-the-art animation reveal the hidden danger.

Narrator, Grant Goodeve.

Distributed by Global Net Productions (

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