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The Oregon Story: Agricultural Workers

57 minutes
HD1527 .O7 O74 2001

Although agricultural workers have played a significant role in Oregon's economic success for over 140 years, their contributions have gone largely unheralded. While farmworkers cannery workers, and tree planters are vital to the state's economy, few Oregonians know much about their occupations, their experiences, or the people themselves.

Combining extensive archival material with powerful personal accounts, scholarly commentary and an original sound track, The Oregon Story: Agricultural Workers relates the diverse history of agricultural work in this state from the late 1800s to the present day.

In the peak months, as many as 86,000 farmworkers and their families live in Oregon, often in substandard housing and with children struggling in school. This program explores how the issues of poverty, poor housing, and inadequate education affect agricultural workers, but with an optimistic, forward-looking spirit about the possibilities for change. Woven from the stories of individuals who have lived the farmworker's life, this program is, above all, about people. It is rich with wonderful characters who are likely to linger in viewers' memories for a long time.

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