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Protest in Seattle: Resisting the WTO

30 minutes
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In November, 1999, the World Trade Organization's (WTO) "Millennium Round" promised to set the agenda for global trade well into the twenty-first century. But unelected delegates weren't the only ones drawn to Seattle for the week-long meeting; 50,000 protesters from labor, environmental, religious and human rights circles converged on the city to voice their opposition to the WTO's policies. Unfortunately, many of the protestors' messages went unheard amidst the media hype over the "Battle of Seattle."

Flying Focus producer Kyle Yamada conducted interviews and recorded events in the streets of Seattle during two tumultuous days of the week-long protests. Hear activists explain in their own words why they oppose the WTO. Experience firsthand the panic of being teargassed. Enter the constitutionally dubious "no-protest" zone, where simply carrying a sign was illegal. This thirty-minute video document offers a view of the events in Seattle that wasn't available on CNN or MSNBC.

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