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Waging a Living: Working Overtime in Pursuit of the Elusive American Dream

85 min
HD4975 .W33 2006 DVD

Tender and eye-opening, WAGING A LIVING takes an unwavering look at America's working poor - people who work hard and play by the rules but never seem to get ahead.

Over three years, the film follows four hard-working individuals as they strive for their piece of the American Dream but find only low wages, dead end jobs, and a tattered safety net in their way. As they raise children, try to get a college degree, and take care of sick relatives, these working class heroes make you root for them to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Mixing stunning facts about poverty and social injustice with the personal testimony of real-life workers, two-time Academy Award®-nominated director Roger Weisberg cuts through the fog of politics and prejudice to bring the disturbing reality of the working poor into the light of day.

Originally released in 2004 as a segment of: Point of view.

Distributed by New Video.

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