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The Oystermen

27 min
HD9472 .O83 U526 2011 DVD

The oyster industry in the Pacific Northwest dates back to the California Gold Rush, when oysters were almost worth their weight in gold. Since that time, these small shellfish have played a distinctive role in the history of our coastal communities. The Oystermen explores the dips and turns of the oyster business and celebrates some of its many colorful characters.

“Oysters are unusual little creatures, and they've played a distinctive role in Pacific Northwest history. As Euro-Americans settled this region, the native oyster became one of the first natural resources to be exploited on a large scale - and one of the first to be depleted. The oyster business spawned the creation of several coastal communities and precipitated the demise of a vast Indian reservation. Yet the oysters themselves and the colorful oystermen who farm them have contributed many unacknowledged environmental benefits, as well.”—OPB web site.

Narrator, David Miller.

Distributed by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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