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A Snowmobile for George

94 min
HD3616 .U47 S66 2008 DVD

A Snowmobile for George is a rambunctious road trip that collects the stories of fishermen, cowboys and firemen who had to face the consequences of environmental deregulation by the Bush Administration.

Started by a question about two-stroke snowmobile engines, the film steadily broadens its scope to reveal the political strategy and rationale behind a massive sell-off of public resources as its scope widens, taking the viewer to the sites of more serious environmental change.

These sites include a fish die-off on the Klamath River, coal bed methane extraction on a ranch in Wyoming, two-stroke snowmobiles in Yellowstone, and the health problems faced by firemen who worked at Ground Zero. The common thread among these stories is deregulation - the notion that common citizens benefit when "the government gets off their back." But the film uncovers how the Bush Administration worked efficiently to marry the goals of select industries with the political demands of the White House at the expense of the little guy.

Distributed by BullFrog Films.

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