Supporting a Culture of Scholarship for Academic Librarians

TitleSupporting a Culture of Scholarship for Academic Librarians
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSapon-White, R, King, V, Christie, A
Journalportal: Libraries & the Academy
Date Publishedjul
Type of ArticleArticle
Keywordsacademic librarians, Academic librarians – Oregon – Corvallis, Career development – Oregon – Corvallis, library faculty, Oregon State Universilty Libraries, Oregon State University, Professional development
AbstractThe challenge for academic libraries is to support their faculty in the culture of scholarship. Library faculty are expected to engage in developing and evaluating new services by integrating and applying their knowledge of library science to new situations. Oregon State University ({OSU)} Libraries' faculty has long received professional development support in the form of release time for scholarly activities and funding for travel to conferences and workshops. There were increasing pressures on the libraries' faculty to publish due to changes in how scholarship was viewed on campus. In this environment, librarians missed the collegial support provided by the aforementioned association and seminar series. The {OSU} Libraries' faculty re-established the Library Faculty Association ({LFA)} in 1998. A similar committee at the University of New Mexico, described in 1982, created a formal process for requesting release time. The purpose was to encourage library faculty to engage in creative work, research and publication, with priority given to untenured faculty. After three years, increased research activity among faculty was noted, but no quantification of this was published.