Sundown Towns in Oregon Display

In collaboration with the Oregon Multicultural Archives, the students of the course TCE 408H “Sundown Towns in Oregon” have curated a display reflecting on their research process and showcasing their findings.

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 Physical Display: Valley Library, 5th Floor, across from the main elevators

Dates: December 2013 – January 2014

Exhibit Curation: TCE 408H Students and Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Librarian

 For More Information Contact: Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Librarian natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

 The OSU Libraries’ Oregon Multicultural Archives (OMA) mission is to assist in preserving the histories and sharing the stories that document Oregon's African American, Asian American, Latino/a, and Native American communities.

Posted - December 04, 2013