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Summit Accounts

Starting November 25th, Summit requesting will be unavailable due to an upgrade.

Please submit requests through ILL during this time.


OSU staff, faculty, and currently registered students are eligible to use Summit. No account registration is necessary.

Staff, faculty, and currently registered students of other Summit member libraries are also able to register to use the OSU Summit service as Summit Visiting Patrons.

Summit Visiting Patron Accounts


To set up a Visiting Summit Patron account at OSU, bring your library ID to the circulation desk. Staff will ask you to verify your status with your institution by having you log into your library account. An OSU library account will then be created for you.

At a Summit member library

Visit the circulation desk at any of the Summit member libraries and ask to be adopted as a Summit Visiting Patron. You will need to present your OSU ID and be able to log in to your library account to verify eligibility. Some libraries also require a second form of photo ID like a driver's license.

Summit "Special" Visiting Patron Accounts

The University Librarian of the Oregon State University Libraries may extend Summit borrowing privileges to a small number of special library supporters. The maximum number of such borrowers is 10. The borrower will receive 12 months of service from date application is approved and the service is not renewable after the initial 12 months.

The University Librarian may consider major volunteers, donors, or scholars who are integrated into the OSU and Corvallis community and/or OSU Libraries. Major volunteers, donors, or scholars would include individuals who are not employed or contracted by OSU. This service is not available for purchase.


(541) 737-4488

121 The Valley Library
Corvallis, OR 97331

If your home library is Guin at HMSC, call (541) 867-0249 or email hmsc.library@oregonstate.edu

2030 Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365