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Subject Specialists

Avery, Bonnie Forest Ecosystems & Society, Forest Engineering, Resources & Management, Natural Resources, Rangeland Ecology and Management, Wood Science and Engineering.
Bridges, Laurie Business, Economics, College Student Services Administration, INTO OSU (International)
Buck, Stefanie

English, Education, Psychology, Ecampus

Deitering, Anne-Marie Writing program, Academic Learning Services, INTO, UESP, BEST Bridge programs, FYE, CAMP, EOP, Honors College
Edmunson-Morton, Tiah History, History of Science, Philosophy, Religion, OSU Archives Instruction
Fernandez, Natalia

Ethnic Studies

Hussong-Christian, Uta Biology, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, Math, Pharmacy, Physics, Public Health, Stats
King, Valery HDFS; Political Science, Sociology, Public Policy; Music, Speech Communications/Theater Arts; Maps; Law; Government Information
Kristick, Laurel Biochemistry & Biophysics, Chemistry, Entomology, General Science, Zoology
Mellinger, Margaret Bioresource Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering.
Nichols, Jane Women Studies
Rempel, Hannah Animal Science, Botany & Plant Pathology, Crop & Soil Science, Food Science & Technology, Genetics, Horticulture, Microbiology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Nutrition & Exercise Science
Sapon-White, Richard Library Science
Vondracek, Ruth Oregon Explorer, Art, Anthropology, Foreign Languages
Webster, Janet College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Vet Med
Wirth, Andrea Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Water Resources