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College of Business (Primary Contact)

Faculty, staff and students in CoB can contact me to get help with:

  • Research consultations
  • Library instruction and instruction guides
  • Obtaining library materials

Goverment Information Librarian for Federal and state government depository programs

Subject assistance in Business, Law, Government Information, Music and Maps

Valery King

Associate Professor, Business/Government Information Librarian

Phone: (541) 737-7318
Fax: (541) 737-8224
Primary Duties:
  • Primary Contact for the College of Business. 
  • Government Information Librarian 
  • General library instruction
  • Research consultation in subject specialties and government information
  • Collection Council member 2014-2016: collection development in Humanities and Social Sciences
Subjects: Government Information, Business, Music, Maps, Law

Brief CV


B.A., General Humanities, University of Oregon (1978)

M.L.S., University of Oregon (1979)

Research and Professional Interests:

Reference and virtual reference services

Government information and freedom of information


Selected Publications:

"Cooperative Reference Desk Scheduling and Its Effects on Professional Collegiality." Co-published simultaneously in The Reference Librarian No. 83/84, 2003, pp. 97-118; and Cooperative Reference: Social Interaction in the Workplace (ed: Celia Hales Mabry) : Haworth Press, 2003, pp. 97-118.

"Supporting a Culture of Scholarship for Academic Librarians" with Richard Sapon-White and Anne Christie. portal: Libraries and the Academy 4.3, 2004, pp. 407-421.

"Music Research and Reference on the Internet." Guest column, Reference and User Services Quarterly, Volume 44, no. 2, Winter 2004 , pp. 111-115.

"Internet Resources: Music." College & Research Libraries News, Dec. 2005, Vol. 66 Issue 11, p778-781.

"Moving Back to Campus: Creating a Local Virtual Reference Service" with Jane Nichols and Greg Padilla. Internet Reference Services Quarterly Vol. 11(3) 2006. Available online at

"Going Digital with Government Information." OLA Quarterly, vol. 12 no. 1 Spring 2006, Co-editor.

“Full-Time Reference with Part-Time Librarians: Dealing with Staffing Realities, Meeting User Needs." Valery King and Sara Christiansen-Lee. Reference & User Services Quarterly (RUSQ), 51, no. 1 (Fall 2014). 

Selected Presentations:

“What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: A Government Information Round Table” sponsored by Portland Downtown Law Librarians/Oregon Special Libraries Association, Millar Library, Portland State University, March 12, 2004. Invited panel presenter.

 “Electrifying Government Documents.” Oregon Library Association Annual Conference program, April 15, 2004. [Panel moderator]

  “Act Locally, Act Globally: Co-Existence of IM and VR.” Collaborative Virtual Reference Seminar, Denver, Colo. August 1, 2007. [Panel presentation]

 “We’re ALL Documents Librarians Now.” Valery King, Dotty Ormes, Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, Bend, OR, April 27, 2012. [Panel presentation]

  “Best Kept Secrets: Locating Federal Information.” Oregon Special Libraries Association webinar, March 7, 2013. [web presentation]

 “Find the Fun in Government: Free Resources for Children and Teen Programming.” Valery King, Dotty Ormes, Arlene Weible Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, Bend, OR, April 22, 2016. [Panel presentation]


Professional Associations and Committees:
  • Oregon Library Association
    • Interest Group: Documents Interest Group of Oregon (DIGOR) (chair)
  • American Library Association (ALA)
    • Sections and Round Tables: RUSA, RUSA/BRASS, GODORT

National Committees:

    Education Committee, Government Documents Round Table (GODORT), ALA 2005-2007
    Bibliography Committee, Anthropology and Social Science Section (ANSS), ACRL, ALA 2002-2004

State and Regional Committees:

   Oregon Library Association Executive Board (Treasurer) 2013-2015

   Oregon Library Association Conference Committee: 2010-11 (Registration chair); 2014 (Treasurer); 2015 (Treasurer); 2016 (Program co-chair)

    OLA/WLA Joint Conference Committee 2008 (Co-registrar)
    Documents Interest Group of Oregon (DIGOR), OLA, 1999-
    Chair, 2004-2005, 2011-2012, 2015-2016
    Secretary, 2005-2006;
    L-net Advisory Board member, 2006-2008
    L-Net Summit Planning Committee, 2010-2011
University Service:

Faculty Senate Academic Appointments Committee, 2015-2018

Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 2008-2011

Faculty Senate Bylaws and Nominations Committee, 2007-2009

OSU Safety Committee, 2000-2006