Searching down the fisheries information web: An initial reflection

TitleSearching down the fisheries information web: An initial reflection
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWebster, JG, Merrikin, P, Collins, J
Conference NamePublishing Research Quarterly
Date Publisheddec
Conference LocationAmsterdam
ISBN Number1386-2316
Keywords2007-2008 Annual Report, Digital open access
AbstractThe complex web of information ranges from pure science to applied techniques to management policies. All are important, yet have varying levels of accessibility and authority. Often the apex of the peer-reviewed journal article is considered the most important level discouraging scientists and managers, especially those in developing countries, from populating the other layers of the web that may be considered grey. We are particularly interested in how information produced in developing countries fits into this information web. To do so, we focused on one topic, mangroves, using it as a means to exemplify the complexity of the web of information and reveal publication patterns. Using search tools, we identified 2000-2005 mangrove-related publications regarding Africa and India, analyzed them by author's location and affiliation, publication format and availability. Our preliminary analysis suggests that grey literature remains difficult to discover, the peer-reviewed journal is the most popular means of scientific communication, and open archives are just starting to have an impact on scholarly communication. The web of information would be strengthened by improving the discovery of the grey literature through greater visibility and accessibility.