Portals for Undergraduate Subject Searching: Are They Worth It?

TitlePortals for Undergraduate Subject Searching: Are They Worth It?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsNichols, J, Mellinger, M
Journalportal: Libraries & the Academy
Keywords{NEEDS} assessment, {RSS} feeds
AbstractThe article discusses the findings of the survey that assesses the need for a virtual college libraries in Oregon State University ({OSU)} in Corvallis. It reveals that students do not use blogs and are unfamiliar with {RSS} feeds and wikis as well as seldom use their cellular phones in Internet surfing. It indicates that Google, Yahoo! and {MSN} are the most-searched engines for research and electronic mail (e-mail) messages. The research concludes that the arrangement of the university's information resources such as databases, journal and catalog hinders the users to search for specific topics.