Open access membership in PeerJ

In addition to providing support for the Oregon State University Open Access Policy, which requires the deposit of author-accepted manuscript versions of new faculty articles to the ScholarsArchive@OSU institutional repository, Oregon State University Libraries and Press provides financial support for authors interested in publishing their articles in open access journals. The Libraries have entered agreements with PeerJ to make open access publishing options more affordable for OSU authors, thus reducing cost barriers for OSU faculty.

PeerJ is a relatively new open access publisher, created by one of the founders of the Public Library of Science (PLoS). It operates a peer-reviewed journal and a preprint server covering the biological and health sciences. All articles published in PeerJ are immediately and freely accessible on the web. Instead of paying article processing charges, authors purchase publication plans for a nominal fee that provide them with the lifetime ability to publish papers with PeerJ at no further cost. The science journal Nature has described PeerJ as a “significant innovation,” and PeerJ has quickly won multiple industry awards. OSU Libraries has prepaid for publication plans for OSU researchers who have an article accepted by PeerJ. Authors acquire this plan at the point of acceptance of their manuscript, and the plan is good for the remainder of their careers.

For more information about this benefit, please see http://peerj.com/institutions/19/oregon-state-university or contact Michael Boock in the Valley Library's Center for Digital Scholarship and Services at michael.boock@oregonstate.edu.

Posted - January 31, 2014