Open Science for Public Good: new Elementa OA journal

Elementa is a new open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal focusing on the science of the anthropocene.  The journal publishes research in six knowledge domains led by prominent researchers: Atmospheric Science, Earth & Environmental Science, Ecology, Ocean Science, Sustainable Engineering, Sustainability Sciences. Publishing original research reporting on new knowledge of the Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems; interactions between human and natural systems; and steps that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to global change, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene will report on fundamental advancements in research organized initially into six knowledge domains, embracing the concept that basic knowledge can foster sustainable solutions for society. Elementa is published on an open-access, public-good basis—available freely and immediately to the world.Jody Deming, editor and professor of oceanography at the University of Washington, explains why Elementa is important for ocean scientists: “I feel strongly about listening to the next generation of scientists who, in my experience as a professor, already find open-access to be an essential aspect of the scientific endeavor.”
Posted - February 18, 2013