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OSUL&P Provides Discount on BioMed Central Article Processing Charges

OSU Libraries & Press has purchased an institutional membership to BioMed Central that entitles OSU authors to 15% off article-processing charges with that open access publisher. Article-processing charges for OSU authors are automatically discounted. 

 BioMed Central is an open access publisher committed to the free and widespread dissemination of scientific research, and publishes over 240 peer-reviewed open access journals across the whole of biology and medicine. 

 Open access publishing ensures the rapid and efficient communication of research findings. This means:

  1. Articles are universally and freely accessible via the Internet without charge
  2. Articles are permanently archived in PubMed Central
  3. Authors retain copyright of their article, which can be freely redistributed and reused under a Creative Commons license as long as it is correctly attributed. 

BioMed Central does not charge subscription fees to access its research content, believing that barrier-free access to the full text of research articles is in the best interests of the scientific community, but publishing open access is not without costs. BioMed Central defrays these costs from an article-processing charge (APC). *

 For more information on BioMed Central article-processing charges visit http://www.biomedcentral.com/info/authors/apcfaq.

 For more information on BioMed Central journals visit http://www.biomedcentral.com.

Email Michael Boock, Head of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services, with questions: michael.boock@oregonstate.edu.


As part of this year's Open Access Week activities Oct. 21-25, the OSU Libraries & Press is hosting a presentation by Dr. Peter Binfield on emerging Open Access models and Alt Metrics at 11-12:30 Friday Oct. 25 in the 2nd FL Valley Library Rotunda. Dr. Binfield is a physicist, Alt Metrics advocate, and co-founder of PeerJ, a new Open Access journal in Biological and Medical Sciences that employs innovative publishing and economic models as an alternative to article processing fees. Prior to his work with PeerJ, Binfield managed PLOS ONE, the largest Open Access journal in the world. This year's OSU Libraries & Press Open Access Hall of Fame inductees, Kevin Ahern, Marit Bovbjerg and Rich Carter, will also be awarded at the event.  

The lecture will be streamed live beginning at 11:15 am at: http://live.oregonstate.edu/.

This presentation should be of interest to authors and editors interested in the future of publishing, open access and new article-level impact measures. We hope you'll attend and we encourage you to pass word of the lecture along to faculty and students who might be interested in these topics.

 * Text from BioMed Central brochure

Posted - October 23, 2013