1 GB of free Zotero storage space!

OSU Zotero users can now receive 1 GB of Zotero institutional storage space.  All you need to do is associate an OSU email address with your Zotero account. 

If you already use Zotero with an OSU email address, you can view your additional storage by going to Zotero’s website, https://www.zotero.org/.  Log on in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then click the Upgrade storage button (also in the upper right-hand corner).  This storage page lets you know how much storage space you have. 

If you signed up for Zotero with a non-OSU email address, you can always add an OSU email address to your Zotero account.  Just follow the directions on this guide.

This Zotero storage space was purchased with OSU TRF funds.  If you have questions about what Zotero is, how to use it, or how to access the Zotero institutional storage space, please email Hannah Rempel at hannah.rempel@oregonstate.edu.

Posted - October 10, 2013