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Call numberTitlePublisher
AS4.U83 V47 2011Die Philosophie und die UNESCO / Patrice Vermeren mit einem Nachwort von Jacques Poulain im auftrag der Deutschen UNESCO-Kommission aus dem Franzosischen ubersetzt von Hans Jorg Sandkuhler.Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang Bonn : Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission, 2011.
B804 .L35 2012Early twentieth-century Continental philosophy / Leonard Lawlor.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2012.
B831.2 .S28 2012Solo : postmodern explorations / Raphael Sassower.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
B2948 .M1513 2011Hegel or Spinoza / Pierre Macherey translated by Susan M. Ruddick.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2011.
B2949.F7 Y46 2012Freedom and reflection : Hegel and the logic of agency / Christopher Yeomans.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
B3317 .R338 2012American Nietzsche : a history of an icon and his ideas / Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen.Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, c2012.
BF637.S4 W393 2011The "life map" as an implicit cognitive structure underlying behavior : a new tool for psychological understanding / Linda K. Watts with a foreword by Corinne M. Harmon.Lewiston : Edwin Mellen Press, c2011.
BL2747.6 .R83 2010Economic reform and a liberal culture : and other essays on social and cultural topics / Tom Rubens.Exeter Charlottesville, VA : Societas Imprint Academic, c2010.
BQ4570.P4 H8 2011This-worldly nibbana : a Buddhist-feminist social ethic for peacemaking in the global community / Hsiao-Lan Hu.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2011.
BS521.5 .R35 2003And God said what? : an introduction to biblical literary forms / Margaret Nutting Ralph.New York : Paulist Press, c2003.
CC79.5.A5 R87 2011Social zooarchaeology : humans and animals in prehistory / Nerissa Russell.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012 [i.e. 2011], c2012.
D13 .K2913 2012History and repetition / Kojin Karatani edited by Seiji M. Lippit.New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.
D16.8 .C33 1961aWhat is history? / by Edward Hallett Carr.New York : Vintage, c1961.
D514 .M35 2011The Russian origins of the First World War / Sean McMeekin.Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2011.
D743 .C677 2011The Second World War : a military history / Gordon Corrigan.New York : Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, 2011.
D743 .H364 2011Inferno : the world at war, 1939-45 / Max Hastings.New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2011.
D743 .M365 2011December 1941 : twelve days that began a world war / Evan Mawdsley.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2011.
DC36.1 .D53 2011Dictionnaire des ministres de la marine : 1689-1958Paris : SPM, c2011.
DD232 .K645 2012A German generation : an experiential history of the twentieth century / Thomas A. Kohut.New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, c2012.
F798 .N4 v.1 no.1The archaeological survey of the Pueblo plateau report of the State archaeological survey of New Mexico, by Reginald G. Fisher.Albuquerque, N.M., University of New Mexico, 1930.
GV709.2 .S662 2011Sport education : international perspectives / edited by Peter Hastie.Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon New York : Routledge, 2011.
GV1102.7.M59 S7 2012Ultimate fighting and embodiment : violence, gender, and mixed martial arts / Dale C. Spencer.New York : Routledge, 2012.
GV1132.S7 W45 2011The greatest champion that never was : the life of W.L. "Young" Stribling / Jaclyn Weldon White foreword by Bert Randolph Sugar.Macon, Ga. : Mercer University Press, c2011.
H61.28 .C38 2012Cases in online interview research / Janet Salmons, editor.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, c2012.
H97 .W48 2011Introduction to public policy / Charles Wheelan.New York : W. W. Norton & Co., c2011.
HB139 .A54 2009Mostly harmless econometrics : an empiricist's companion / Joshua D. Angrist and Jorn-Steffen Pischke.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2009.
HD58.7 .C6255 2011Organizational behavior : improving performance and commitment in the workplace / Jason A. Colquitt, Jeffery A. LePine, Michael J. Wesson.New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin, c2011.
HD4901 .E34 2012Modern labor economics : theory and public policy / Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Robert S. Smith.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2012.
HD6835.5.Z65 L44 2011Militants or partisans : labor unions and democratic politics in Korea and Taiwan / Yoonkyung Lee.Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2011]
HF5415.153 C64 2005Lean, rapid, and profitable new product development / by Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett.[Ancaster, Ont.] : Product development Institute, c2005.
HG3368.A6 M367 2011Islamic banking and finance : definitive texts and cases / Omar Masood.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
HQ77.95.U6 B44 2011The lives of transgender people / Genny Beemyn and Susan Rankin.New York : Columbia University Press, c2011.
HQ121 .P65 2011Policing pleasure : sex work, policy, and the state in global perspective / edited by Susan Dewey and Patty Kelly.New York : New York University Press, c2011.
HT1521 .M415 2011Represent and destroy : rationalizing violence in the new racial capitalism / Jodi Melamed.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2011.
HV5822.H4 A375 2002ebCreating the American junkie [electronic resource] : addiction research in the classic era of narcotic control / Caroline Jean Acker.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.
JA80 .C36 2011Improper life : technology and biopolitics from Heidegger to Agamben / Timothy C. Campbell.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2011.
KG136.W64 D543 2011Diffusion of gender quotas in Latin America and beyond : advances and setbacks in the last two decades / edited by Adriana Piatti-Crocker.New York : Peter Lang Pub., c2011.
LA1013.7 .S34 2011Finnish lessons : what can the world learn from educational change in Finland? / Pasi Sahlberg foreword by Andy Hargreaves.New York : Teachers College Press, c2011.
LB14.7 .S644 2012Knowledge and virtue in teaching and learning : the primacy of dispositions / Hugh Sockett.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC3715 .M85 2012Multilingual education and sustainable diversity work : from periphery to center / edited by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Kathleen Heugh.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC3993.9 .C665 2012Confronting dogmatism in gifted education / [edited by] Don Ambrose, Robert Sternberg, Bharath Sriraman.New York, NY : Routledge, 2012.
LC5131 .W38 2011Learning to liberate : community-based solutions to the crisis in urban education / Vajra Watson.New York : Routledge, 2011.
LC5803.A33 Q35 2012Quality assurance and accreditation in distance education and e-learning : models, policies and research / edited by Insung Jung and Colin Latchem foreword by John Daniel.New York : Routledge, 2012.
M22.S385 K6 1987Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke / Clara Wieck-Schumann nach Autographen, Abschriften und den Erstausgaben herausgegeben von Janina Klassen Fingersatz von Hans-Martin Theopold.Munchen : G. Henle, c1987.
M24.M93 P53 1952Pictures at an exhibition : for the piano / Mussorgsky with reproductions of the original paintings and analytical foreword by Alfred V. Frankenstein.New York : International Music, c1952.
M24.M93 P53 1954Bilder einer Ausstellung : zehn Stucke fur Klavier / Modeste Moussorgsky nach dem Urtext hrsg. von Alfred Kreutz.Mainz : B. Schott's Sohne New York : Schott Music, c1954.
M362.H7 T4 1978Terzetto (1925) for flute, oboe, and viola (or clarinet) / Gustav Holst.London New York : Chester Music, c1978.
M785 .F4The viola in my life (2).[New York] Universal Edition [1972]
M957 .H8 op.129Tower music : for woodwind and brass instruments / Alan Hovhaness.New York : Rongwen Music, c1959.
M957 .M9 K.370aSerenade no. 10, Bb major, K. 361 : for wind instruments / W.A. Mozart.New York : Broude Brothers, [194-?]
M957 .S9 op.7Serenade in E flat major, for wind instruments : Op. 7 / Strauss, R.New York : International Music Co., [1942]
M957.S9 S7Sonatine fur Blaser, erste Sonatine.New York, Boosey & Hawkes [1964]
M957.S93 S9 1952Symphonies of wind instruments / Igor Strawinsky revised 1947 version.London New York : Boosey & Hawkes, c1952.
M1002.D3 P73Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune: eglogue pour orchestre d'apres Mallarme. Foreward by Maurice Cauchie.London : E. Eulenburg New York : Eulenburg Miniature Scores, [19--]
M1002.S87 H4 1958Ein Heldenleben Tondichtung fur grosses Orchester, op. 40. / New ed. by Walter Seifert. Foreward [i.e. Foreword] by Richard Specht.London, E. Eulenburg New York, Eulenburg Miniature Scores [c1958]
M1002.S87 T6, E8Tod und Verklarung : Tondichtung fur grosses Orchester / by Richard Strauss, op. 24 foreword by Richard Specht.London New York : Eulenburg, c1931.
M1003.H73 P6The planets : suite for large orchestra / Gustav Holst.London New York : Boosey & Hawkes, c1921.
M1045 .W4 op.1Passacaglia fur Orchester, op. 1 / Anton Webern.[Wien] : Universal Edition, [1950] c1922.
M1049.R4 B6Bolero / Maurice Ravel.Paris : A. Durand, c1929.
M1105 .V7 op.3, no.2Concerto grosso G minor for 2 violins, violoncello and string orchestra, op. 3, no. 2 / by Antonio Vivaldi edited and with foreword by Sam. Baud-Bovy.London New York : Ernst Eulenburg, [1936?]
M1105 .V7 op.3, no.6Concerto for violin and string orchestra A minor, op. 3, no. 6 / edited and with a foreword by Alfred Einstein.London : Eulenburg, [19--?]
M1105 .V7 op.3, no.8Concerto grosso A minor for 2 violins and string orchestra op. 3, no. 8 / by Antonio Vivaldi edited and with foreword by Alfred Einstein.London : Ernst Eulenburg, [1932?]
M1105 .V7 op.3, no.11Concerto grosso, for 2 violins and violoncello soli and string orchestra, D minor, op. 3, no. 11 / by Antonio Vivaldi edited and with foreword by Alfred Einstein.London : Eulenburg, [1952?]
M1105 .V7 op.3, no.12Concerto for violin and string orchestra, E major, op. 3, no. 12 / by Antonio Vivaldi edited, and with a foreword, by Heinrich Husmann.Zurich : Eulenburg, [1939]
M1105 .V7 R.op.10, no.3Concerto, D major, for flute and string orchestra, op. 10, Nr. 3. Edited and with preface by Alfred Einstein.London, E. Eulenburg, New York, Edition Eulenburg [1930?] Pl. no. E.E. 4859.
M1105 .V7 R.op.26, no.2Concerto : fur Violoncell und Streichorchester, A moll / Antonio Vivaldi hrsg. von Richard Sturzenegger = Concerto : for 'cello and string orchestra, A minor / Antonio Vivaldi edited by Richard Sturzenegger.Munchen : E. Reinhardt, Vorbemerkung 1955.
M1105 .V7 R.op.54, no.2Concerto, D major : fatto per la solennita della lingua di San Antonio / by Antonio Vivaldi edited by Newell Jenkins.London : Eulenburg New York : Eulenburg Miniature Scores, [1958?]
M1105 .V7 R.op.6, no.1Concerto G minor, for violin and string orchestra, op. 6, no. 1 / Antonio Vivaldi edited from the original and with foreword by Alfred Einstein.London : E. Eulenburg, [19--]
M1105 .V7 R.op.7, no.11Concerto for violin and string orchestra, D major, op. 7, no. 11. Edited and with foreword by Felix Schroeder.London, E. Eulenburg, New York, Edition Eulenburg [1961]
M1105 .V7 R.op.7, no.12Concerto, D major, for violin and string orchestra, op. 7, no. 12 / by Antonio Vivaldi edited by Felix Schroeder.London : E. Eulenburg New York : Eulenburg Miniature Scores, [1959]
M1106 .B22 S.1041Violin-Konzerte. No. 1, Konzert A moll / von Joh. Seb. Bach fzur Pianoforte u. Violine herausgegeben von Gustav Schreck Violinstimme bezeichnet von Andreas Moser.New York Frankfurt : C.F. Peters, [19--]
M1106 .B22 S.1042Konzert E Dur fur Violine und Streichorchester.Leipzig, C.F. Peters [c1950]
M1106 .B22 S.1052D moll Konzert fur Pianoforte / von Joh. Seb. Bach mit Begleitung eines zweiten Pianoforte von Adolf Ruthardt.New York London : C.F. Peters, [197-?]
M1106 .B22 S.1053Konzert, E dur, fur Cembalo (Klavier) und Streichorchester, nach dem Autograph der Preussischen Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin hrsg. von Kurt Soldan. Ausg. fur zwei Klaviere. Mit Fingersatz von Hans Beltz.Frankfurt, New York, C.F. Peters [1956]
M1106 .B22 S.1055Konzert A Dur fur Cembalo (Klavier) und Streichorchester / Joh. Seb. Bach nach dem Autograph der Preussischen Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin herausgegeben von Kurt Soldan Ausgabe fur zwei Klaviere mit Fingersatz von Hans Beltz.Leipzig New York : C.F. Peters, [1938]
M1106 .B22 S.1056Konzert F-moll : fur Klavier und Orchester / von Joh. Seb. Bach herausgegeben von Robert Teichmuller.Frankfurt : C.F. Peters Corp., c1953.
M1106 .B22 S.1058Kontsert no. 7 sol minor dlia fortepiano s orkestrom / I.S. Bakh perelozhenie dlia dvukh fortepiano i redaktsia A. Gedike = Konzert No. 7 g-moll fur Klavier mit Begleitung des Orchesters / J.S. Bach fur zwei Klaviere bearbeitet und herausgegeben von A. Goedicke.Moskva : Gosudarstvennoe Muzaykalnoe Izdatelstvo, 1961.
M1106 .C54 op.33Kammer-Konzert D-Dur, fur Flote, Violine und kleines Orchester, opus 33 / Alexander Tcherepnin Ubertragung fur Flote, Violine und Klavier vom Komponisten.Mainz : B. Schott's Sohne New York : Schott Music Corp., [1953?], c1925.
M1106.M6 C6Concertino d'hiver : for trombone and strings / Darius Milhaud reduction for trombone and piano.New York : Associated Music, c1955.
M1106.S79 C7Concerto a tre : for clarinet, trumpet, trombone and strings / Robert Starer reduction for clarinet, trumpet, trombone and piano by the composer.New York : MCA Music, 1966.
M1106.S84 O3Konzert F-dur, fur Oboe, Violine, Streicher und Basso continuo = Concerto F-major for oboe, violin, strings and continuo / Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel herausgegeben und bearbeitet von Helmut Winschermann.Hamburg : H. Sikorski, c1963.
M1106.T22 R3Concerto in La maggiore per violoncello solo con orchestra d'archi (ed organo ad libitum) / Guiseppe Tartini riduzione per violoncello solo e pianoforte elaborazione di Oreste Ravanello riduzione violoncellistica e cadenze di Luigi Silva.Padova : G. Zanibon, c1938.
M1112.B5 V6Violin concerto no. 1 in A minor (BWV 1041) Violin concerto no. 2 in E major (BWV 1042) Double concerto (2 violins) in D minor (BWV 1043) Violin concerto movement in D major (BWV 1045) From the Bach-Gesellschaft edition.New York, Lea pocket scores, 1958.
M1112.V58 C12Concerto in A minor, op. 3, no. 6, for violin and piano / Antonio Vivaldi arranged and edited by George Perlman.New York : C. Fischer, c1943.
M1112 .V59 R.op.3, no.10Koncert h-moll na 4 skrzypiec i zespol smyczkowy z basem cyfrowanym na klawesyn (fortepian) = Concerto in B minor for 4 violins and string ensemble with harpsichord (piano) continuo / Antonio Vivaldi edited by Tadeusz Ochlewski.Krakow : Polskie Wydawn. Muzyczne, 1969.
M1121 .L32 op.45, no.1Concertino for flojt och strakorkester = Concertino for flute and string orchestra : op. 45, nr 1 / Lars-Erik Larsson.Stockholm : Gehrmans Musikforlag, c1957.
M1121 .T44 Amaj., K6Konzert in A-Dur fur 2 Querfloten, 2 Violinen, Viola, Fagott (Violoncello) und Generalbass / Georg Philipp Telemann herausgegeben von Herbert Kolbel Ausgabe fur 2 Querfloten und Klavier von Ernst Meyerolbersleben.Zurich : Hug, c1969.
M1129 .L33 op.45, no.5Concertino for valthorn och strakorkester = for horn and string orchestra : op. 45, nr. 5 / Lars-Erik Larsson.Stockholm : Carl Gehrmans, c1957.
M1130.M22 E14Eight Mozart operatic arias for the soprano voice / marked arias with commentary and translations by Eleanor Steber and Rita V. Beatie.New York, NY : G. Schirmer : Distributed by H. Leonard, c1988.
M1141 .B35 S.1060, 1920Konzert, C moll, fur Violine und Oboe, oder fur zwei Violinen, mit Klavierbegleitung / von J. S. Bach bearbeitet von Max Seiffert.New York : C.F. Peters Corp., [1920?]
M1145.B3 S5Serenade-sumerki : fur Streichorchester / Sven-Erik Back.Stockholm W. Hansen, c1978.
M1145.B33 M8Music for string instruments, percussion and celesta : (in four movements) / Bela Bartok.London New York : Boosey & Hawkes, 1939.
M1145.B5 M8Music for strings / by Arthur Bliss.London : Novello, c1936.
M1145.B6 O3October music : for strings / Daniel Bortz.Stockholm : AB Carl Gehrmans Musikforlag, c1979.
M1145 .B8 op.10Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge : for string orchestra, op. 10 / Benjamin Britten.London New York : Boosey & Hawkes, c1938.
M1145 .C5 op.48Serenade : for string orchestra : op. 48 / P.I. Tchaikovsky.New York : Broude Brothers, [196-?]
M1145.C78 E5Ensemble for string orchestra.[New York] Associated Music Publishers [1961] Pl. no. AMP-9615-24.
M1145.D4 D2Danses : pour harpe chromatique ou harpe a pedales ou piano avec acct. d'orchestre d'instruments a cordes / Claude Debussy.Paris : Durand, c1904.
M1145.F28 S5Nocturne : from the incidental music to Shylock, for string orchestra, op. 57 / Gabriel Faure.New York : Broude Brothers, [195-?]
M1145 .G84 op. 34Two elegiac melodies for string orchestra, op. 34, Edvard Grieg.New York, Broude Brothers [19--]
M1145.H44 C36Canzona per orchestra d'archi / Lennart Hedwall.Stockholm : Edition Wilhelm Hansen, c1970.
M1145 .H5 op.43, no.1Spielmusik : fur Streichorchester, Floten und Oboen : op. 43, 1 / von Paul Hindemith.Mainz : Schott, [c1927]
M1145 .H78 op. 40aPsalm and fugue : for string orchestra, op. 40a / Alan Hovhaness.New York : C.F. Peters, c1958.
M1145 .H78 op.40bAlleluia and fugue : for string orchestra [Op. 40b] / Alan Hovhaness.New York : Rongwen Music : Broude Bros., sole selling agent, c1960.
M1145 .H78 op.44Celestial fantasy : for string orchestra : opus 44 / Alan Hovhaness.New York : Rongwen Music : Broude Bros., sole selling agent, c1959.
M1145 .H78 op.51Armenian rhapsody no. 2 : for string orchestra / Alan Hovhaness.New York : Rongwen Music : Broude Bros., sole selling agent, c1959.
M1145.K3 T7Tre colori : per orchestra d'archi, op. 142 (1978) / Maurice Karkoff.Stockholm : Gehrmans musikforlag, c1979.
M1470.F67 F7 1968For 24 winds.Mainz, B. Schott's Sohne New York, Carl Fischer, [1968]
M1470.G32 L53Dante's joynte : Lingua I : poems and other theaters : 6 shouting voices, overhead amber spot, 16 mm film, 2-channel sound tape : 1968 / Kenneth Gaburo.[La Jolla, Calif.] : Lingua Press, c1976.
M1470.G32 T84Twenty sensing [instruction] compositions 1968-1973.La Jolla, Ca : Lingua Press, [c1976]
M1470.M39 M5Metamusic. Piano, violin, saxophone, and conductor.New York, C.F. Peters Corp., c1964.
M1470.O44 S6Sonic meditations / Pauline Oliveros.[Baltimore, Md.?] : Smith Publications, c1974.
M1470.R55 I65In C : (1964) / Terry Riley.Berlin : E.R.P. Musikverlag Eckart Rahn Tucson, Ariz. : Celestial Harmonies, c1964.
M1490 .B5 1700aAmphion Anglicus a work of many compositions for 1, 2, 3, and 4 voices, with several accompagnements of instrumental musick and a thorow-bass to each song, figur'd for an organ, harpsichord, or theorboe-lute.London, Printed by W. Pearson for the author, 1700. [Ridgewood, N.J., Gregg Press, 1965]
M1490.P85 O7 1721aOrpheus Britannicus a collection of all the choicest songs for one, two, and three voices, compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcell. Together with such symphonies for violins or flutes as were by him design'd for any of them and a through-bass to each song, figur'd for the organ, harpsicord or theorbo-lute.[Ridgewood, N.J., Gregg Press, 1965]
M1495.K3 A6Arien und Kanzonetten des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts / nach den Quellen hrsg. und ubersetzt von Hermann Keller = arias and canzonettas from the 17th and 18th centuries edited from the sources and translated by Hermann Keller.Kassel New York : Barenreiter, [c1960]
M1495.M83 O812 composizioni vocali, profane e sacre (inedite) con e senza basso continuo / Monteverdi a cura di Wolfgang Osthoff.[Milano] : Ricordi, [1958]
M1497.P85 K340 songs for voice and piano / Purcell [realization of the figured bass and editing by] Sergius Kagen.New York : International Music Co., c1958.
M1497.P85 K3140 songs for voice and piano / realization of the figured bass and editing by Sergius Kagen. High.New York : International Music Co., [c1958-59]
M1497.P85 K3240 songs, for voice and piano / realization of the figured bass and editing by Sergius Kagen. Low.New York : International Music, [c1958-59]
M1497.P85 K33Six songs for bass. [Realization of the figured bass and editing by] Sergius Kagen.New York, International Music Co. [c1958]
M1500.B44 N384Norma / Vincenzo Bellini [libretto by Felice Romani, based on a tragedy by Alexandre Soumet].New York : Dover, 1994.
M1500.B48 W6Georg Buechners Wozzeck : Oper in 3 Akten (15 Szenen), op. 7 / von Alban Berg nach den hinterlassenen endgultigen Korrekturen des Komponisten revidiert von H.E. Apostel [English translation by Eric Blackall and Vida Harford].Wien : Universal Edition, c1955.
M1500.B59 C3Carmen : an opera in four acts / Bizet.New York : International Music Co., c1950.
M1500.B8 M5A midsummer night's dream : opera in three acts : op. 64 = Ein Sommernachtstraum / Benjamin Britten libretto adapted from William Shakespeare by Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears Deutsche Ubertragung nach A.W.v. Schlegel eingerichtet von Ernst Roth.London : Hawkes, c1960.
M1500.B8 R2 1949The rape of Lucretia = Der Raub der Lukrezia : an opera in two acts / Benjamin Britten libretto after Andre Obey's play Le viol de Lucrece by Ronald Duncan German translation by Elisabeth Mayer.London New York : Boosey & Hawkes, c1949.
M1500.D4 P4Pelleas et Melisande : drame lyrique en 5 actes et 12 tableaux / de Maurice Maeterlinck musique de Claude Debussy.Paris : Durand, c1904.
M1500.D7 E4L'elisir d'amore : melodramma in due atti / Gaetano Donizetti libretto di Felice Romani.Milano : Ricordi, c1962.
M1500.D9 A7Ariane et Barbe-Bleue : conte en trois actes / Poeme de Maurice Maeterlinck musique de Paul Dukas partition d'orchestra.Paris : Durand, c1907.
M1500.F24 R4El retablo de Maese Pedro = Les treteaux de Maitre Pierre = Master Peter's puppet show : adapcion musical y escenica du un episodio de El ingenioso cavallero Don Quixote de La Mancha de Miguel de Cervantes / por Manuel de Falla version francaise de G. Jean-Aubry English version based on Shelton's Don Quixote of 1620 by J.B. Trend.London : J. & W. Chester, c1924.
M1500.G56 I82Iphigenie en Tauride tragedie en quatre actes par N.F. Guillard mise en musique. German translation by Peter Cornelius. Edited from the available editions by Hermann Abert.London, E. Eulenburg New York, Edition Eulenburg [n.d.] Pl. no. E.E. 4700.
M1500.G56 O7Orphee et Euridice tragic opera in three acts. [Poeme de Francesco Moline (d'apres Ranieri di Calzabigi) texte italien de Giovanni Pozza texte allemand de Max Kalbeck. Publie par Camille Saint-Saens et Julien Tiersot].New York, Broude Bros. [19--] Pl. no. B.B. 13.
M1500.G78 F2Faust a lyric drama in five acts.New York, Broude Brothers [n.d.] B.B. 948.
M1500.H5 M27Mathis der Maler : Oper in sieben Bildern / Hindemith.Mainz : B. Schott's Sohne, c1937.
M1500.H5 S2Sancta Susanna / ein Akt von August Stramm Musik von Paul Hindemith, opus 21.London : Schott & Co., c1949.
M1500.L48 P2Pagliacci : drama in two acts / Ruggiero Leoncavallo.New York : Broude Bros., [19--]
M1500.M27 C28Cavalleria rusticana : melodrama in one act / Pietro Mascagni.New York : Broude Brothers [196-?]
M1500.M58 O59L'Orfeo : favola in musica for soloists, chorus, and orchestra / Claudio Monteverdi edited by Denis Stevens.Borough Green, Kent : Novello, 1968, c1967.
M1500.M6 C7 1948Cosi fan tutte : an opera in two acts / W.A. Mozart.New York : Broude Brothers, [1948?]
M1500.M6 C7 1962Cosi fan tutte = "So machen's Alle" : opera buffa in zwei Akten, KV 588 / text von Lorenzo da Ponte musik von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart foreword by Hans F. Redlich.London New York : E. Eulenburg, [pref. 1962]
M1500.M6 D54Il dissoluto punito ossia Il Don Giovanni. Dramma giocoso in 2 Akten. Kochel, no. 527. Text von Lorenzo da Ponte. Deutsch von Franz Grandaur. Edited from the autograph ms. in the Paris Conservatoire Library by Alfred Einstein.London, E. Eulenburg New York, Eulenburg Miniature Scores [19--]. Pl. no. E.E. 4808.
M1500.M6 E6The abduction from the seraglio : a comic opera in three acts / W.A. Mozart.New York : Broude Brothers, [1948?]
M1500.M6 N54Le nozze di Figaro = Figaros Hochzeit : comic opera in 4 acts, Kochel no. 492 / by Lorenzo da Ponte music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart edited from the original ms., with foreword by Hermann Abert.London : E. Eulenburg New York : Edition Eulenburg, [19--]
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