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AC5 .M46 1969Good talk an anthology from BBC radio.New York, Taplinger [1969, c1968]
AS25 .A58 v.75Induction and intuition in scientific thought.Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 1969.
AS25 .A58 v.76The journal of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. Transcribed from the original in the United States National Archives. With an introd. by A. Hughlett Mason.Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 1969.
AS36 .L64 no.2Master's theses completed at Northwestern State College of Louisiana, 1957-1968 [by] Donald N. MacKenzie.Natchitoches, Louisiana Studies Institute, Northwestern State College [1968]
AS36 .P4 no.20The idea of criticism, by Albert Tsugawa.University Park, Pennsylvania State University [1967]
B21 .I6 v.3Carnap and Goodman two formalists [by] Alan Hausman [and] Fred Wilson.Iowa City, University of Iowa, 1967.
B1583.Z7 O7Coleridge and German idealism a study in the history of philosophy with unpublished materials from Coleridge's manuscripts, by G. N. G. Orsini.Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press [1969]
BD450 .M86The concept of man in early China [by] Donald J. Munro.Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1969.
BF21 .P73 no.22Toward a unity of knowledge. Edited by Marjorie Grene.New York, International Universities Press, 1969.
BF1601 .V34 1968The works of Thomas Vaughan, mystic and alchemist (Eugenius Philalethes) Edited by Arthur Edward Waite. New foreword by Kenneth Rexroth.New Hyde Park, N.Y., University Books [c1968]
BM535 .R635Judaism despite Christianity the letters on Christianity and Judaism between Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Franz Rosenzweig, edited by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.University, Ala., University of Alabama Press [1969]
BR63 .L5 v.19Melanchthon and Bucer.Philadelphia, Westminster Press [1969]
BR95 .R47A dictionary of Christian theology.Philadelphia, Westminster Press [1969]
BS543 .S8 ser.2 no.10The church and Jesus a study in history, philosophy, and theology [by] F. Gerald Downing.Naperville, Ill., A. R. Allenson [1968]
BS543 .S8 ser.2 no.11The Book of Job its origin and purpose [by] Norman H. Snaith.Naperville, Ill., A. R. Allenson [1968]
BS2330.2 .B33The New Testament speaks [by] Glenn W. Barker, William L. Lane [and] J. Ramsey Michaels.New York, Harper & Row [1969]
CT275.B143 B3Tomboy bride.[Boulder, Colo., Pruett Press, 1969]
D111 .T6 v.16Studies in the sermons of Stephen Langton.Toronto, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1968.
D527.5 .R5 1968Posters of the First World War.New York, Walker [1968]
D769.8.A6 A5 1969Impounded people Japanese-Americans in the relocation centers [by] Edward H. Spicer [and others]Tucson, University of Arizona Press c1969
D771 .V65The German Navy in World War II [by] Edward P. Von der Porten.New York, T. Y. Crowell [1969]
DA568.A1 B34 1969Prominent Edwardians.New York, Atheneum, 1969.
DA890.E3 B8 1969Modern Athens, displayed in a series of views or, Edinburgh in the nineteenth century. Illustrated by a series of views from original drawings by Thomas H. Shepherd, with historical, topographical & critical illus. by John Britton.Bronx, N.Y., B. Blom, 1969.
DG975.F42 G2 1968Dukes & poets in Ferrara a study in the poetry, religion, and politics of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.New York, Haskell House, 1968.
DS557.A6 M34Ambush, the Battle of Dau Tieng, also called the Battle of Dong Minh Chau, War Zone C, Operation Attleboro, and other deadfalls in South Vietnam, by S. L. A. Marshall. Including sketches by the author.New York, Cowles Book Co. c1969
DS895.F75 D5Kun Shen a Taiwan village.New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1969]
DT31 .M6 1969The black man's burden the white man in Africa from the fifteenth century to World War I.New York [Monthly Review Press, 1969]
DU627 .B7 1968The American frontier in Hawaii the pioneers 1789-1843.Gloucester, Mass., P. Smith, 1968 [c1942]
E51 .C2 v.15, no.1Ifugao law. With a new foreword by Fred Eggan.Berkeley, University of California Press, 1969.
E51 .H24 v.58The Waring papers the collected works of Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Edited by Stephen Williams.Cambridge, Peabody Museum, Harvard University [1968]
E51 .H24 v.59, no.2The Fremont culture a study in culture dynamics on the northern Anasazi frontier, including the report of the Claflin-Emerson Expedition of the Peabody Museum, by James H. Gunnerson. With appendices by Walton C. Galinat and James H. Gunnerson and Margaret A. Towle.Cambridge, Mass., Peabody Museum, 1969.
E51 .H24 v.62, no.1The ruins of Altar de Sacrificios, Department of Peten, Guatemala an introduction, by Gordon R. Willey and A. Ledyard Smith.Cambridge, Mass., Peabody Museum, 1969.
E51 .N42 v.23Frances Densmore and American Indian music a memorial volume. Compiled and edited by Charles Hofmann.New York, Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1968.
E78.S7 A7 no.11The Albuquerque Navajos [by] William H. Hodge.Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1969.
E78.S7 A7 no.12Papago Indians at work [by] Jack O. Waddell.Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1969.
E78.S7 A7 no.13Culture change and shifting populations in central northern Mexico [by] William B. Griffen.Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1969.
E78.S7 A7 no.14Ceremonial exchange as a mechanism in tribal integration among the Mayos of Northwest Mexico.Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1969.
E78.S7 A7 no.15Western Apache witchcraft [by] Keith H. Basso.Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1969.
E184.A1 P68Prejudice, U.S.A. Edited by Charles Y. Glock and Ellen Siegelman.New York, Praeger [1969]
E668 .S792Reconstruction an anthology of revisionist writings, edited by Kenneth M. Stampp and Leon F. Litwack.Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press [1969]
E744 .F64 no.194France: the Gaullist era and after.[New York, Foreign Policy Association] 1969.
F591 .G68 no.4The Snake a noble and various river.Washington, Potomac Corral, The Westerners, 1969.
F591 .G68 no.5Law on a wild frontier: four sheriffs of Lincoln County, by Jeff C. Dykes.Washington, Potomac Corral, The Westerners 1969.
F1246 .B3 v.15The apostolic life of Fernando Consag, explorer of Lower California. Translated and annotated, with an introd., by Manuel P. Servin.Los Angeles, Dawson's Book Shop, 1968.
F1246 .B3 v.16First from the gulf to the Pacific the diary of the Kino-Atondo peninsular expedition, December 14, 1684-January 13, 1685. Transcribed, translated, and edited by W. Michael Mathes.Los Angeles, Dawson's Book Shop, 1969.
F1246 .B3 v.17Jose Joaquin Arrillaga: diary of his surveys of the frontier, 1796. Translated into English by Froy Tiscareno. Edited and annotated by John W. Robinson.Los Angeles, Dawson's Book Shop, 1969.
F1401 .F5 ser.2, no.5Dictatorship and development the methods of control in Trujillo's Dominican Republic [by] Howard J. Wiarda.Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1968.
F1415 .Z413Latin America and the world. Translated from the Spanish by Frances K. Hendricks and Beatrice Berler. With an introd. by Maria del Carmen Millan.Norman, University of Oklahoma Press [1969]
F3171 .W6Robinson Crusoe's island a history of the Juan Fernandez Islands [by] Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr.Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press [1969]
F3424 .S3Keep the river on your right.New York, Grove Press [1969]
F3444 .G17El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, by Donald G. Castanien.New York, Twayne Publishers [1969]
G3 .A49 no.3The golden spike a centennial remembrance [by] E. Roland Harriman [and others]New York, 1969.
G74 .K47Statistical analysis in geography [by] Leslie J. King.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
G80 .A74The discoverers.New York, Praeger [1969, c1968]
G100 .C65Mysterious places.New York, Dodd, Mead [1969]
G105 .G6Geo-code [by] Sydney W. Gould.New Haven, Gould Fund, 1968-
G115 .M8The scope of geography. Maps by John C. Sherman.Chicago, Rand McNally [c1966]
G236.D4 P3The voyages of David de Vries, navigator and adventurer.New York, Crowell [1969]
G286.H5 B3 1968Prince Henry the Navigator, the hero of Portugal and of modern discovery, 1394-1460 A.D. with an account of geographical progress throughout the Middle Ages as the preparation for his work.New York, B. Franklin [1968]
G420 .L4 1619aA wonderfull voiage round about the world. London, 1619.Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum New York, Da Capo Press, 1968.
G530 .P897 1969The penance way : the mystery of Puffin's Atlantic voyage.New York, W. Morrow, 1969 [c1968]
G535 .W56No man knows my grave Sir Henry Morgan, Captain William Kidd, Captain Woodes Rogers in the great age of privateers and pirates, 1665-1715, by Alexander Winston. Illustrated with photos. and maps by Samuel H. Bryant.[Boston, Houghton Mifflin] 1969.
G630.R8 B7 1938aOn the top of the world the Soviet Expedition to the North Pole, 1937 [by] L. Brontman. Edited and with a foreword by O. J. Schmidt.New York, Greenwood Press [1968]
G670 1909 .H4 1912aA Negro explorer at the North Pole.New York, Arno Press, 1969.
G850 1839 .R8 1969A voyage of discovery and research in the southern and Antarctic regions, during the years, 1839-43. A reprint with a new foreword by Sir Raymond Priestley.New York, A. M. Kelley, 1969.
G1506.S1 B4Historical atlas of New Mexico, by Warren A. Beck and Ynez D. Haase.Norman, University of Oklahoma Press [1969]
G1819.L7 J7Atlas of London and the London region. Prepared under the direction of Emrys Jones and D. J. Sinclair.Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1968]
GA9 .R6 1969Elements of cartography [by] Arthur H. Robinson [and] Randall D. Sale.New York, Wiley [1969]
GB10 .F3 1968bThe encyclopedia of geomorphology, edited by Rhodes W. Fairbridge.New York, Reinhold Book Corp. [c1968]
GB55 .E2Principles of geomorphology [by] Don J. Easterbrook.New York, McGraw-Hill [1969]
GB612 .D4Deserts of the world an appraisal of research into their physical and biological environments. Edited by William G. McGinnies, Bram J. Goldman [and] Patricia Paylore.[Tucson] University of Arizona Press [c1968]
GB705.O7 O735Malheur Lake Basin.Salem, 1967.
GB1025.O7 A3 no.13Records of wells, water levels, and chemical quality of water in the Lower Santiam River Basin, Middle Williamette Valley, Oregon, by D. C. Helm.[Salem? Or.] 1968.
GC1 .J6 no.4Upper waters of the intertropical Pacific Ocean.Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press, 1968.
GC1 .M5 no.8Stomatopod Crustacea of the western Atlantic, by Raymond B. Manning.Coral Gables, Fla., University of Miami Press [1969]
GC21 .B4The new world of the oceans men and oceanography.Boston, Little, Brown [1969]
GC57 .U47Effective use of the sea report.Washington, For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1966.
GC98 .H6Marine chemistry the structure of water and the chemistry of the hydrosphere [by] R. A. Horne.New York, Wiley-Interscience [1969]
GC771 .B3Oceanographic atlas of the Pacific Ocean, by Richard A. Barkley.Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1968.
GF51 .V35Environment and cultural behavior ecological studies in cultural anthropology. Edited by Andrew P. Vayda.Garden City, N.Y., Published for American Museum of Natural History [by] Natural History Press, 1969.
GF71 .S5The challenge of climate: man and his environment.New York, Meredith Press [1969]
GN2 .C2 v.5Local differences and time differences in Nasca pottery, by Donald A. Proulx.Berkeley, University of California Press, 1968.
GN2 .F53 v.58The social context of art in northern New Ireland [by] Phillip H. Lewis.[Chicago] Field Museum of Natural History, 1969.
GN2 .M47 no.34The Prehistory of the Burnt Bluff area. Assembled by James E. Fitting. Contributions by James E. Fitting [and others]Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1968.
GN2 .M47 no.36The Naomikong Point site and the dimensions of Laurel in the Lake Superior region, by Donald E. Janzen.Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1968.
GN2 .S58 v.8Cultural chronology of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama [by] Olga Linares de Sapir.Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press [for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.] 1968.
GN2 .S58 v.10The native polity of Ponape [by] Saul H. Riesenberg.Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press [for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.] 1968.
GN2 .S62 no.1Essays on medical anthropology. Thomas Weaver, editor.Athens, [Ga.] distributed by University of Georgia Press, 1968.
GN4 .W23 no.40The descriptive archaeology and geochronology of the Three Springs Bar archaeological site, Washington, by Richard D. Daugherty, Barbara A. Purdy, and Roald Fryxell.Pullman, Washington State University, Laboratory of Anthropology, 1967.
GN24 .F6Applied anthropology [by] George M. Foster.Boston, Little, Brown [1969]
GN29 .S16Perspectives from anthropology.[New York] Teachers College Press, Columbia University [1969]
GN60 .D6Human variation an introduction to physical anthropology [by] James F. Downs and Hermann K. Bleibtreu.Beverly Hills, Calif., Glencoe Press [1969]
GN325 .T45The secret of culture nine community studies.New York, Random House [1969]
GN340 .V3Vanishing peoples of the earth. Foreword by Leonard Carmichael. Produced by the National Geographic Special Publications Division.Washington, National Geographic Society [1968]
GN480 .L4 1969The elementary structures of kinship. Translated from the French by James Harle Bell, John Richard von Sturmer, and Rodney Needham, editor.Boston, Beacon Press [1969]
GN549.C3 P3 1922aThe bronze age and the Celtic world.New York, Reprinted by Hacker Art Books, 1969.
GN739 .C55 1969World prehistory: a new outline, by Grahame Clark.London, Cambridge U.P., 1969.
GN780.D4 G53The bog people Iron Age man preserved [by] P. V. Glob. Translated from the Danish by Rupert Bruce-Mitford.Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University Press [1969]
GN871 .M8The prehistory of Australia [by] D. J. Mulvaney.New York, Praeger [1969]
GR50 .D63The British folklorists a history, by Richard M. Dorson.[Chicago] University of Chicago Press [1968]
GR105 .G56Pattern in the material folk culture of the Eastern United States.Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press [1969, c1968]
GR121.P8 A5The three wishes a collection of Puerto Rican folktales, selected and adapted by Ricardo E. Alegria. Translated by Elizabeth Culbert. Illustrated by Lorenzo Homar.New York, Harcourt, Brace & World [1969]
GR141 .D6Peasant customs and savage myths selections from the British folklorists, edited by Richard M. Dorson.[Chicago] University of Chicago Press [1968]
GR158 .D4253Folktales and society story-telling in a Hungarian peasant community. Translated by Emily M. Schossberger.Bloomington, Indiana University Press [1969]
GR360.A5 C3 1894aFolk-tales of Angola: Fifty tales, with Ki-mbundu text literal English translation, introduction, and notes. Collected and edited by Heli Chatelain.New York, Negro Universities Press [1969, c1894]
GR825 .L4A fantastic bestiary beasts and monsters in myth and folklore, by Ernst and Johanna Lehner. Foreword by Henry P. Raleigh.New York, Tudor Pub. Co. [1969]
GT510 .L33Modesty in dress an inquiry into the fundamentals of fashion.Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1969.
GT2620 .M4The Meaning of courtly love. Edited by F. X. Newman.Albany, State University of New York Press [1969, c1968]
GT2860 .B7Food in antiquity a survey of the diet of early peoples [by] Don and Patricia Brothwell.New York, Praeger [1969]
GV14.5 .L6Research in physical education a critical view [by] Lawrence F. Locke.New York, Teachers College Press [1969]
GV14.5 .S8 1968A Program for outdoor recreation research report on a study conference conducted, June 2-8, 1968, by the National Academy of Sciences for the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.Washington, National Academy of Sciences, 1969.
GV54.W2 A55 1968aState parks outdoor recreation plan, January 1968.Olympia [1968]
GV75 .M35 1969Popular entertainments through the ages.New York, Blom [1969]
GV182 .G8Planning for parks and recreation needs in urban areas, by Elinor C. Guggenheimer. Illus. by M. Paul Friedberg.New York, Twayne Publishers [1969]
GV197.S3 S3Classroom out-of-doors education through school camping, by Wilbur Schramm for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.Kalamazoo, Mich., Sequoia Press [1969]
GV342 .B75Foundations and principles of physical education [by] Karl W. Bookwalter [and] Harold J. VanderZwaag.Philadelphia, Saunders, 1969.
GV361 .M16Toward a new curriculum in physical education [by] Marlin M. Mackenzie.New York, McGraw-Hill [1969]
GV361 .W43The curriculum in physical education [by] Carl E. Willgoose.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
GV363 .P5 1969Physical activity in modern living [by] Wayne D. Van Huss [and others]Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
GV443 .C63Becoming physically educated in the elementary school [by] Charles B. Corbin. Illus. by Eleanor Hanover Nance.Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1969.
GV445 .J6Physical activities for the mentally retarded ideas for instruction.Washington, Project on Recreation and Fitness for the Mentally Retarded [1968]
GV461 .F72Gymnastics for men [by] A. Bruce Frederick.Dubuque, Iowa, W. C. Brown Co. [1969]
GV464 .K53Women's gymnastics.Boston, Allyn and Bacon [1969]
GV545 .E3Tumbling [by] Vannie M. Edwards. Illustrated by James Bonner.Philadelphia, Saunders [1969]
GV576 .D3 1969Sport's golden age a close-up of the fabulous twenties. Edited by Allison Danzig and Peter Brandwein. Foreword by John Kieran.Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press [1969, c1948]
GV703 .J6 1969A guide for games, by D. Cyril Joynson illustrated by H. Radcliffe Wilson.London, Kaye & Ward, 1969.
GV706 .L6Sport, culture, and society a reader on the sociology of sport, edited by John W. Loy, Jr., and Gerald S. Kenyon.[New York] Macmillan [1969]
GV706 .W4Sport a philosophic inquiry.Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press [1969]
GV709 .M18Physical education activities for women.[New York] Macmillan [1969]
GV783 .R5Pole, paddle & portage [by] Bill Riviere. Drawings by Bill Riviere, Jr.New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. [1969]
GV840.S78 S86The complete book of skin and scuba diving.New York, Coward-McCann [1969]
GV853 .P7Snowshoe hikes in the Cascades and Olympics.Seattle, Mountaineers [1969]
GV854.5.N6 M8Northwest ski trails. Text: Ted Mueller. Photos: Bob and Ira Spring. Maps: Marge Mueller.Seattle, The Mountaineers [1968]
GV951.85 .J47Explosive muscular power for championship football. Foreword by John H. McKay.Pasadena, Calif., Athletic Press [c1968]
GV956.N37 S2The long pass the inside story of the New York Jets from the terrible Titans to Broadway Joe Namath and the championship of 1968. Introd. by Don Maynard.New York, World Pub. [1969]
GV1017.V6 S27Volleyball [by] Allen E. Scates [and] Jane Ward.Boston, Allyn and Bacon [1969]
GV1032.G7 A3They call me Mister 500, by Anthony (Andy) Granatelli.Chicago, H. Regnery Co. [1969]
GV1060.2 .P3Track and field for girls and women [by] Virginia Parker [and] Robert Kennedy. Illustrated by James Bonner.Philadelphia, Saunders [1969]
GV1061 .M25High school runners and their training programs, by J. D. McNeff.Los Altos, Calif., Tafnews Press [c1968]
GV1195 .G5Action drilling in wrestling. With a foreword by Cliff Keen.South Brunswick [N.J.] A. S. Barnes [1969]
GV1201 .I3The book of games and entertainment the world over. With drawings by Richard E. Howard.New York, Dodd, Mead [1969]
GV1601 .K7History of the dance in art and education [by] Richard Kraus.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
GV1618 .H6 1968Pre-classic dance forms. Foreword by Henry Gilfond.[Brooklyn, Dance Horizons, inc., c1968]
GV1624.5.C5 C7The taxi-dance hall a sociological study in commercialized recreation and city life, by Paul G. Cressey.New York, Greenwood Press [1968, c1932]
GV1785.D82 B5Dance the story of Katherine Dunham.Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday [1969]
GV1826 .B7Fairground architecture the world of amusement parks, carnivals, and fairs.New York, F. A. Praeger [1968]
GV1828 .W5The fool and his scepter a study in clowns and jesters and their audience.[Evanston, Ill.] Northwestern University Press, 1969.
H1 .A53 no.8Theory and practice of public administration scope, objectives, and methods. Edited by James C. Charlesworth.Philadelphia, American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1968.
H31 .A4 v.29,no.2The Atlantic Community reappraised. Edited by Robert H. Connery.New York, Academy of Political Science, Columbia University, 1968.
H31 .C5 no.115The human ecology of coastal flood hazard in megalopolis. By Ian Burton, Robert W. Kates [and] Rodman E. Snead.Chicago, Dept. of Geography [University of Chicago] 1969.
H31 .C5 no.116Factorial ecology of metropolitan Toronto, 1951-1961: an essay on the social geography of the city, by Robert A. Murdie.Chicago [University of Chicago] Dept. of Geography, 1969.
H31 .C5 no.117Perception of choice and factors affecting industrial water supply decisions in Northeastern Illinois.Chicago [University of Chicago] Dept. of Geography, 1969.
H31 .I5 v.3, no.3The Scandinavian element in the United States.New York, Arno Press, 1969.
H31 .J65 ser.87, no.1The Negro in Maryland politics, 1870-1912.Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1969]
H35 .A3 1933aThe modern state, by Leonard Woolf [and others]Port Washington, N.Y., Kennikat Press [1969]
H35 .P62 1930aMore points of view a second series of broadcast addresses, by the Archbishop of York, [and others]Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press [1969]
H53.R9 S5Social thought in the Soviet Union.Chicago, Quadrangle Books [1969]
H61 .B43The study of society [compiled by] Carlton E. Beck [and] Jim A. Barak.Scranton, International Textbook Co. [1969]
H61 .B58Theory construction from verbal to mathematical formulations [by] Hubert M. Blalock, Jr.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
H61 .G25Game theory in the behavioral sciences. Editors: Ira R. Buchler [and] Hugo G. Nutini.[Pittsburgh] University of Pittsburgh Press [1969]
H61 .G27SIMSOC: simulated society participant's manual with selected readings, by William A. Gamson.New York, Free Press [1969]
H61 .G74The logic of social inquiry [by] Scott Greer.Chicago, Aldine Pub. Co. [1969]
H61 .R28Simulation and society an exploration of scientific gaming [by] John R. Raser.Boston, Allyn and Bacon [1969]
H61 .S46Interdisciplinary relationships in the social sciences. Edited by Muzafer Sherif and Carolyn W. Sherif.Chicago, Aldine [1969]
H62 .F36The social studies structure, models, and strategies, edited by Martin Feldman [and] Eli Seifman.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1969]
H62 .K375Social studies for the seventies [by] Leonard S. Kenworthy.Waltham, Mass., Blaisdell Pub. Co. [1969]
H62 .K74The nature and scope of social science a critical anthology, edited by Leonard I. Krimerman.New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts [1969]
H62 .S475Basic research methods in social science the art of empirical investigation [by] Julian L. Simon.New York, Random House [1969]
H62 .T18Aggregate data analysis. Political and social indicators in cross-national research. Edited by Charles Lewis Taylor.Paris, The Hague, Mouton, 1968 [1969]
H83 .M18 1948aJourneys in understanding.Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press [1968, c1948]
HA29 .C48Statistical analysis, with business and economic applications.New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1969]
HA29 .C524Statistical methods for business decisions [by] Charles T. Clark [and] Lawrence L. Schkade.Cincinnati, South-western Pub. Co. [1969]
HA37.U55 S74Your 1970 census, by Maxwell S. Stewart.New York, Public Affairs Committee, 1969]
HA215 .S5 1818aStatistical annals, embracing views of the population, commerce, navigation, fisheries, public lands, post-office establishment, revenues, mint, military and naval establishments, expenditures, public debt, and sinking fund of the United States of America ...New York, B. Franklin [1969]
HB31 .A5 no.95Researching the European markets [by] Robert J. Alsegg.[New York] American Management Association [1969]
HB31 .H27 v.119 rev.1969Oligopoly and technical progress. Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Henderson.Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1969.
HB31 .H27 v.132The New York money market and the finance of trade, 1900-1913 [by] C. A. E. Goodhart.Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1969.
HB34 .W5Macroeconomic theory selected readings, edited by Harold R. Williams and John D. Huffnagle.New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts [1969]
HB71 .M27 1969Aggregate economic analysis [by] Joseph P. McKenna.New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1969]
HB74.M3 F51Clustering and aggregation in economics [by] Walter D. Fisher.Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1969]
HB74.M3 P7 no.3Production theory and indivisible commodities, by Charles R. Frank, Jr.Princeton, N.J., Princeton Univ. Press, 1969.
HB74.M3 Y32Introduction to input-output economics.New York, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston [1969]
HB99.3 .A6Readings in welfare economics, selected by a committee of the American Economic Association. Selection committee for this volume: Kenneth J. Arrow [and] Tibor Scitovsky.Homewood, Ill., Published for the Association by R. D. Irwin, 1969.
HB99.3 .D6Welfare economics and the economics of socialism: towards a commonsense critique, by Maurice Dobb.London, Cambridge U.P., 1969.
HB99.3 .N37 1969A reappraisal of welfare economics [by] S. K. Nath.New York, A. M. Kelley [1969]
HB99.7 .T8An analysis of Soviet views on John Maynard Keynes [by] Carl B. Turner.Durham, N.C., Duke University Press, 1969.
HB103.S6 W4Adam Smith, by E. G. West.New Rochelle, N.Y., Arlington House [1969]
HB119.A2 N63The role of the economist in government a study of economic advice since 1920 [by] Hugh S. Norton.Berkeley, Calif., McCutchan Pub. Corp. [1969]
HB161 .H3 1830aThe progress of society.New York, A. M. Kelley, 1969.
HB171 .W35The economic system.New York, Random House [1969]
HB171.5 .A297Exchange and production theory in use [by] Armen A. Alchian & William R. Allen.Belmont, Calif., Wadsworth Pub. Co. [1969]
HB171.5 .F414 1969Microeconomic theory, by C. E. Ferguson.Homewood, Ill., R. D. Irwin, 1969.
HB171.5 .H47Price and welfare theory [by] James E. Hibdon.New York, McGraw-Hill [1969]
HB171.5 .L26Introduction to modern microeconomics.Chicago, Rand McNally [1969]
HB171.5 .L48 1969Economics [by] Richard G. Lipsey [and] Peter O. Steiner.New York, Harper & Row [1969]
HB171.5 .V29Economic essentials a core approach [by] Roger C. Van Tassel.Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1969]
HB171.5 .W5The economics of African countries, by Edith H. Whetham and Jean I. Currie.London, Cambridge U.P., 1969.
HB173 .M29 1968Marxist economic theory. Translated by Brian Pearce.New York, M[onthly] R[eview] Press [c1968]
HB201 .D48The theory of imperfect competition a radical reconstruction.New York, Columbia University Press, 1969.
HB221 .G5 1969Introduction to price theory.Scranton, Pa., International Textbook Co. [1969]
HB301 .P4Labor theory.New York, Wiley [1969]
HB615 .S4Stochastic theory of a risk business [by] Hilary L. Seal.New York, Wiley [1969]
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