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B21 .S68 v.42Nature in American philosophy / edited by Jean de Groot.Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, c2004.
B945.D384 P45 1999The philosophy of Donald Davidson / edited by Lewis Edwin Hahn.Chicago, Ill. : Open Court, c1999.
B1667.S384 P47 1998The philosophy of P.F. Strawson / edited by Lewis Edwin Hahn.Chicago, Ill. : Open Court, 1998.
B1674.W354 W54 2004Whitehead's philosophy : points of connection / edited by Janusz A. Polanowski and Donald W. Sherburne.Albany, NY : State University of New York Press, c2004.
B3216.C34 S96 2004Symbolic forms and cultural studies : Ernst Cassirer's theory of culture / edited by Cyrus Hamlin and John Michael Krois.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2004.
B5295 .P48 2001The philosophy of Seyyed Hossein Nasr / edited by Lewis Edwin Hahn, Randall E. Auxier, Lucian W. Stone, Jr.Chicago : Open Court, c2001.
BF327 .C66 2004Contemporary perspectives on the psychology of attitudes / edited by Geoffrey Haddock and Gregory R. Maio.Hove, East Sussex ; New York : Psychology Press, 2004.
BH301.A94 Z53 2004The force of art / Krzysztof Ziarek.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2004.
BL65.P7 N67 2004Sacred and secular : religion and politics worldwide / Pippa Norris, Ronald Inglehart.Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
BP60 .S47 2003Shaping the current Islamic reformation / edited by B.A. Roberson.London ; Portland, OR : Frank Cass, 2003.
BQ9412.6 .W55 2005The other side of Zen : a social history of Soto Zen : Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan / Duncan Ryuken Williams.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2005.
BX8495.W55 A2 1997Susanna Wesley : the complete writings / edited by Charles Wallace, Jr.New York : Oxford University Press, c1997.
CC72 .W355 2004Digging the dirt : the archaeological imagination / Jennifer Wallace.London : Duckworth, 2004.
CC135 .M325 2004Marketing heritage : archaeology and the consumption of the past / edited by Yorke Rowan & Uzi Baram.Walnut Creek, Calif. : AltaMira Press, c2004.
D604 .M3 1931Ritter der Luft, Zeppelinabenteuer im Weltkrieg, Berichte von Kriegsteilnehmern. Gesammelt und dargestellt von Rolf Marben.Hamburg, Broschek & Co. [c1931]
D805.J3 J23 2004We refused to die : my time as a prisoner of war in Bataan and Japan, 1942-1945 / Gene S. Jacobsen.Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c2004.
D810.S8 F463 2004At the dragon's gate : with the OSS in the Far East / Charles Fenn.Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, c2004.
DC317 .E38 2004Surmounting the barricades : women in the Paris Commune / Carolyn J. Eichner.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2004.
DF229.T6 S24 2004Apologies to Thucydides : understanding history as culture and vice versa / Marshall Sahlins.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
DS113.3 .M66 2004Bridges over troubled water : a comparative study of Jews, Arabs, and Palestinians / Dahlia Moore and Salem Aweiss.Westport, Conn : Praeger, 2004.
DS913.2 .H84 2004Beyond birth : social status in the emergence of modern Korea / Kyung Moon Hwang.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Asia Center : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2004.
E59.M58 E68 2004Entering America : northeast Asia and Beringia before the last glacial maximum / edited by D.B. Madsen.Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c2004.
E78.A7 S23 2004The Safford Valley grids : prehistoric cultivation in the southern Arizona desert / William E. Doolittle and James A. Neely, editors ; contributors, Karen R. Adams ... [et al.].Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 2004.
E99.A7 G647 2004Tell me, grandmother : traditions, stories, and cultures of Arapaho people / Virginia Sutter.Boulder : University Press of Colorado, c2004.
E99.M8 R45 2004Kahnawa:ke : factionalism, traditionalism, and nationalism in a Mohawk community / Gerald F. Reid.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2004.
E185.93.S7 F35 2004Rooted in place : family and belonging in a southern Black community / William W. Falk.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2004.
E185.97.K49 L87 2004Bridging deep south rivers : the life and legend of Horace King / John S. Lupold and Thomas L. French, Jr.Athens : University of Georgia Press, c2004.
E591 .R635 2004Now for the contest : coastal and oceanic naval operations in the Civil War / William H. Roberts.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2004.
E661.7 .L685 2004Race over empire : racism and U.S. imperialism, 1865-1900 / Eric T.L. Love.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2004.
E745 .V56 2004Flight : the story of Virgil Richardson, a Tuskegee airman in Mexico / by Ben Vinson.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.
E840.5.F73 A3 2004American soldier / Tommy Franks, with Malcom McConnell.New York : Regan Books, c2004.
E856 .F435 2004Nixon at the movies : a book about belief / Mark Feeney.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
F1219.1.S56 C78 2004Lives of dust and water : an anthropology of change and resistance in northwestern Mexico / Maria Luz Cruz-Torres.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2004.
F1219.76.R45 K58 2004The dialogue of earth and sky : dreams, souls, curing, and the modern Aztec underworld / Timothy J. Knab.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2004.
F1219.8.M59 F54 2004Miniature crafts and their makers : palm weaving in a Mexican town / Katrin S. Flechsig.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2004.
F1449.B7 G34Belize; the controversy between Guatemala and Great Britain over the territory of British Honduras in Central America.New York, Las Americas Pub Co. [1959]
F1465.2.C3 L57 2004Mayas in the marketplace : tourism, globalization, and cultural identity / Walter E. Little.Austin : University of Texas Press, 2004.
GC89 .P84 2004Changing sea levels : effects of tides, weather, and climate / David Pugh.Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
GE105 .E184 2004Earth system analysis for sustainability / edited by Hans Joachim Schnellnhuber ... [et al.].Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT, 2004.
GE195 .G65 2004Representing the environment / John R. Gold and George Revill.London ; New York : Routledge, 2004.
GN21.A6 L44 2004Rolling in ditches with shamans : Jaime de Angulo and the professionalization of American anthropology / Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2004.
GN345.6 .T75 2005Friction : an ethnography of global connection / Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2005.
GN666 .G45 2004Genocide and settler society : frontier violence and stolen indigenous children in Australian history / edited by A. Dirk Moses.New York : Berghahn Books, 2004.
GN790 .T55 2004The materiality of stone : explorations in landscape phenomenology: 1 / Christopher Tilley with the assistance of Wayne Bennett.Oxford ; New York : Berg, 2004.
HB615 .B365 2005Entrepreneurship : a process perspective / Robert A. Baron, Scott A. Shane.Mason, Ohio : Thomson/South-Western, c2005.
HD70.U5 H54 2004Strategic management : an integrated approach / Charles W.L. Hill, Gareth R. Jones.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, c2004.
HD5710.75.U6 K54 2003Job creation, job destruction, and international competition / Michael W. Klein, Scott Schuh, and Robert K. Triest.Kalamazoo, Mich. : W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2003.
HD6095 .M34 2004Breaking out of the pink-collar ghetto : policy solutions for non-college women / Sharon H. Mastracci.Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c2004.
HD9017.A2 F84 2004A full food basket for Africa by 2020.Washington, D.C. : International Food Policy Research Institute, c2004.
HD9410.5 .I56 2001Proceedings, International Livestock Congress, Beef Section : February 21-23, 2001.Houston, Tex. : International Livestock Congress, 2001.
HD9502.A2 E26 2004The economics of energy efficiency : barriers to cost-effective investment / Steve Sorrell ... [et al.].Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, c2004.
HF5734.5 .C63 2004Roberta's rules of order : sail through meetings for stellar results without the gavel : a guide for nonprofits and other teams / Alice Collier Cochran.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2004.
HM1 .J61 no.6Fertility in middle age : proceedings of the eighth IPPF Biomedical Workshop, held in London, 22nd and 23rd November 1978 / edited by Alan S. Parkes, M.A. Herbertson, Jane Cole.Cambridge, Eng. : Galton Foundation, 1979.
HV696.F6 F61 no.19Effects of food assistance and nutrition programs on nutrition and health.Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Food Assistance & Nutrition Research Program, [2002]-<[2004]>
HV6789 .N37 2005Firearms and violence : a critical review / Committee to Improve Research Information and Data on Firearms ; Charles F. Wellford, John V. Pepper, and Carol V. Petrie, editors ; Committee on Law and Justice, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education.Washington, DC : National Academies Press, c2005.
KF4137 .F88 2003The future of school choice / edited by Paul E. Peterson.Stanford, Calif. : Hoover Institution Press, c2003.
LB2322.2 .B367 2003Beyond all reason : living with ideology in the university / Ronald Barnett.Buckingham [England] ; Philadelphia, PA : Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press, 2003.
LB2343 .N443 no.106Serving the millennial generation / Michael D. Coomes, Robert DeBard, editors.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2004.
LT2208 West S64 Gr.9-12 1999Modern world history / Jackson J. Spielvogel.Cincinnati : West Educational Pub., c1999.
LT2208 West S643 Gr.9-12 1998World history : the human odyssey / Jackson J. Spielvogel.Cincinnati, OH : West Educational Pub., c1998.
LT2238 Holt S34 Gr.9-12 1997World geography today [kit] / Robert J. Sager and David M. Helgren.Austin, TX. : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1997.
LT2238 West E53 Gr.9-12 1997Geography : people and places in a changing world / Paul Ward English, with the assistance of Brian Robinson.St. Paul : West Pub., c1997.
LT2270 Prent M32 Gr.9-12 1998Magruder's American government / revised by William A. McClenaghan.Needham, Mass. Prentice Hall, c1998.
LT2292 Thoms M43 Gr.9-12 2005Contemporary economics / William A. McEachern.Mason, Ohio : Thomson South-Western , c2005.
LT2292 West A76 Gr.9-12 1999Economics in our times / Roger A. Arnold.Cincinnati [Ohio] : West Educational Pub., c1999.
ML193 .B76 2004A history of baroque music / George J. Buelow.Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press, c2004.
N7101 .E8 2003Historia del arte espanol / Jesus Espino Nuno y Miguel Moran Turina.Madrid : Sociedad General Espanola de Libreria, 2003.
N7476 .B37 2003A short guide to writing about art / Sylvan Barnet.New York : Longman, c2003.
NA737.W7 A4 2003aWright-sized houses : Frank Lloyd Wright's solutions for making small houses feel big / Diane Maddex ; photography by Alan Weintraub.New York : Abrams, c2003.
P120.I56 S73 2002Indigenous languages across the community / edited by Barbara Jane Burnaby, Jon Allan Reyhner.Flagstaff : Northern Arizona University, 2002.
PN2277.C4 C57 2004A theater of our own : a history and a memoir of 1,001 nights in Chicago / Richard Christiansen ; foreword by Brian Dennehy.Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, c2004.
PQ6072 .D4 2004Espana 1936-1950 : muerte y resurreccion de la novela / Miguel Delibes.Barcelona : Ediciones Destino, 2004.
PQ7082.D7 L373 2005Latin American dramatists. First series / edited by Adam Versenyi.Detroit : Thomson Gale, c2005.
PQ7297.F793 I665 2004Inquieta compania / Carlos Fuentes.Col. del Valle, Mexico, D.F. : Alfaguara, 2004.
PQ9506 .B73 2004Brazilian writers / edited by Monica P. Rector.Detroit : Thomson Gale, 2004.
PR525.M34 T74 2004The poetics of melancholy in eary modern England / Douglas Trevor.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
PR2802 .A837 2005Antony and Cleopatra : new critical essays / edited by Sara Munson Deats.New York : Routledge, 2005.
PR3069.D42 K6 2004Mutability and division on Shakespeare's stage / Yu Jin Ko.Newark : University of Delaware Press, c2004.
PR4242.L5 B35 2004Browning and Wordsworth / John Haydn Baker.Madison : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, c2004.
PR5017.T4 S74 2004The experimental impulse in George Meredith's fiction / Richard C. Stevenson.Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, c2004.
PR9199.3.M8 R86 2004Runaway : stories / Alice Munro.New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 2004.
PS153.J4 S74 2004The tenement saga : the Lower East Side and early Jewish American writers / Sanford Sternlicht.Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press/Terrace Books, c2004.
PS271 .J34 2004Spaces of the mind : narrative and community in the American West / Elaine A. Jahner.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2004.
PS1882 .V35 2004Sophia Peabody Hawthorne : a life / Patricia Dunlavy Valenti.Columbia : University of Missouri Press, 2004-
PS3242.N2 K57 2004Walt Whitman and the earth : a study in ecopoetics / by M. Jimmie Killingsworth.Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, 2004.
PS3560.O73 Z87 2004Still seeking an attitude : critical reflections on the work of June Jordan / edited by Valerie Kinloch, Margret Grebowicz.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2004.
PS3566.I66 L54 1991Lila : an inquiry into morals / Robert Pirsig.New York : Bantam Books, 1991.
PS3572.A39 D66 2004Door in the mountain : new and collected poems, 1965-2003 / Jean Valentine.Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press, c2004.
PZ1 .S2 1935The third omnibus of crime, 1935 / edited by Dorothy L. Sayers.New York : Coward-McCann, 1935.
PZ7.W58277 Ch 1980Charlotte's web / by E.B. White ; pictures by Garth Williams.[New York] : HarperCollins, c1980.
Q41 .R66 ser.A v.362 no.1825Chemistry and life science : papers of a theme issue / compiled and edited by J.M.T. Thompson.London : The Royal Society, c2004.
Q127.A76 S35 2004Science and technology in Armenia : toward a knowledge-based economy / Committee on Science and Technology in Armenia, Office for Central Europe and Eurasia, Development, Security, and Cooperation, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council.Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2004.
Q149.U5 M32 2004Measuring research and development expenditures in the U.S. economy / editors, Lawrence D. Brown, Thomas J. Plewes, Marisa A. Gerstein.Washington, DC : National Academies Press, 2004.
Q335 .L84 2005Artificial intelligence : structures and strategies for complex problem solving / George F. Luger.Harlow, England ; New York : Addison-Wesley, 2005.
QA75.5 .A735 2004Advances in computer science--ASIAN 2004 : higher-level decision making : 9th Asian Computing Science Conference, dedicated to Jean-Louis Lassez on the occasion of his 5th cycle birthday, Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 8-10, 2004 : proceedings / Michael J. Maher (ed.).Berlin : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.58 .I537 2004Parallel and distributed computing : applications and technologies : 5th international conference, PDCAT 2004, Singapore, December 8-10, 2004 : proceedings / Kim-Meow Liew ... [et al.] (ed.).Berlin : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.62 .I56 2004Implementation of functional languages : 15th international workshop, IFL 2003, Edinburgh, UK, September 8-11, 2003 ; revised papers / [volume editors: Phil Trinder, Greg Michaelson, Ricardo Pena].Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
QA76.76.P37 H65 2004Holub on patterns : learning design patterns by looking at code / Allen Holub.Berkeley : Apress ; New York : Distributed to the book trade in the U.S. by Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.9.A25 I555 2004Advances in cryptology, ASIACRYPT 2004 : 10th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Jeju Island, Korea, December 5-9, 2004 : proceedings / Pil Joong Lee (ed.).Berlin : Springer, c2004.
QA76.9.D3 T693 2005Transformation of knowledge, information and data : theory and applications / Patrick van Bommel, [editor].Hershey, PA : Information Science Pub., c2005.
QA76.9.O35 L37 2005Applying UML and patterns : an introduction to object-oriented analysis and design and iterative development / Craig Larman.Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall PTR, c2005.
QA221 .B78 2004Approximation by algebraic numbers / Yann Bugeaud.Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
QA267.3 .C63 2004Developments in language theory : 8th International Conference, DLT 2004, Auckland, New Zealand, December 13-17, 2004 : proceedings / [Cristian S. Calude, Elena Calude, Michael J. Dinneen (eds.)].Berlin : Springer, c2004.
QA268 .G87 2004List decoding of error-correcting codes : winning thesis of the 2002 ACM doctoral dissertation competition / Venkatesan Guruswami.Berlin : Springer, c2004.
QA312 .A34 2004Measure theory and filtering : introduction and applications / Lakhdar Aggoun, Robert J. Elliott.Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
QA911 .N69 2004Introduction to the mathematical theory of compressible flow / A. Novotny, I. Straskraba.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
QC1 .J5634 v.119Huitieme colloque sur les lasers et l'optique quantique : COLOQ 8 : Insa, Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 3-5 septembre, 2003 / edite par A. Aspect, J. Vigue, B. Girard.Les Ulis codex A, France : EDP Sciences, 2004.
QC7 .D27 2004Nobel laureates and twentieth-century physics / Mauro Dardo.Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
QC254 .W4 1950Heat and temperature measurement.New York, Prentice-Hall, 1950.
QC427.4 .M35 2004Characterisation of bio-particles from light scattering / V.P. Maltsev and K.A. Semyanov.Utrecht ; Boston : VSP, 2004.
QC665.E4 G87 2004Electromagnetic field theory fundamentals / Bhag Singh Guru, Huseyin R. Hiziroglu.Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
QC770 .N8141 v.136GZK and surroundings : proceedings of the Cosmic Ray International Seminars, Catania, Italy, May 31-June 4, 2004 / edited by C. Aramo, A. Insolia, C.Tuve.Amsterdam : Elsevier, c2004.
QC790 .W346 2004Polyphase fission nuclear power / Richard A. Weiss.Tucson, Ariz. : K & W Publications, c2004.
QD22.C8 G56 2005Obsessive genius : the inner world of Marie Curie / Barbara Goldsmith.New York : W.W. Norton, c2005.
QD181.H1 N4Hydrogen energy: a bibliography with abstracts; cumulative volume [1953 through 1973] Technical editor: Kenneth E. Cox.Albuquerque, Energy Information Center, University of New Mexico [1974]
QE38.5 .F674 2004Forensic geoscience : principles, techniques and applications / edited by K. Pye and D.J. Croft.London : The Geological Society, 2004.
QE181 .W9 1949Fourth Annual Field Conference in the Powder River Basin : guidebook : August 9-13, 1949 / Wyoming Geological Association.[S.l. : The Association], 1949.
QE181 .W9 1950Southwest Wyoming : fifth annual field conference : guidebook : August 8-11, 1950.Casper, Wyo., Kintzel Blue Print [1950]
QE181 .W9 1953Guidebook : Eighth annual field conference, Laramie Basin, Wyoming, and North Park, Colorado, 1953 / Wyoming Geological Association and University of Wyoming.[S.l.] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1953.
QE181 .W9 1954Casper area, Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association guidebook, ninth annual field conference, 1954.[Casper, Wyo.] : Wyoming Geological Association, c1954.
QE181 .W9 1955Green River basin : 10th annual field conference / Wyoming Geological Association.Casper : Wyoming Geological Association, 1955.
QE181 .W9 1956Jackson Hole : 11th annual field conference / Wyoming Geological Association.Casper : Wyoming Geological Association, 1956.
QE181 .W9 1957Southwest Wind River basin : twelfth annual field conference, Lander, Wyoming, Sept. 12-14, 1957.Casper, Wyo., Wyoming Geological Association, 1957.
QE181 .W9 1958Powder River basin ; 13th annual field conference / Wyoming Geological Association.Casper : Wyoming Geological Association, 1958.
QE181 .W9 1960Overthrust belt of southwestern Wyoming and adjacent areas / co-editors, Donald P. McGookey and Daniel N. Miller, Jr.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1960.
QE181 .W9 1961Symposium on late Cretaceous rocks, Wyoming and adjacent areas, 1961 : [papers] / editor, Gene J. Wiloth.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1961.
QE181 .W9 1962Symposium on early Cretaceous rocks of Wyoming and adjacent areas, 1962 / co-editors, Richard L. Enyert, William H. Curry, III.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1962.
QE181 .W9 1963Northern Powder River basin, Wyoming and Montana, guidebook. Wyoming Geological Association and Billings Geological Society first joint field conference, August 8-10, 1963.[n.p.] Wyoming Geological Association and Billings Geological Society, c1963.
QE181 .W9 1965Sedimentation of late Cretaceous and Tertiary outcrops, Rock Springs uplift / editors, R.H. De Voto and R.K. Bitter.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1965.
QE181 .W9 1968Black Hills area, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming / editor, George R. Wulf.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1968.
QE181 .W9 1969Symposium on Tertiary Rocks of Wyoming. editor, James A. Barlow, Jr.Casper, Wyoming Geological Association, 1969.
QE181 .W9 1970Symposium on Wyoming sandstones : their economic importance -past, present & future, Casper, Wyoming - Sept. 21-23, 1970 / editor, Richard L. Enyert.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1970.
QE181 .W9 1971Symposium on Wyoming tectonics and their economic significance / Arthur R. Renfro, editor ; Lawrence V. Madison, Guntram A. Jarre, co-editors ; Whitney A. Bradley, publication editor.Casper, Wyo. : The Association, c1971.
QE181 .W9 1972South-central Wyoming stratigraphic, tectonics and economics : Twenty-fourth annual field conference road logs, Rawlings, Wyoming, August 2-4, 1972.S.l. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1972.
QE181 .W9 1973Symposium and core seminar on the geology and mineral resources of the Greater Green River Basin, Casper, Wyo., Sept. 17-19, 1973 / editor, Elmer M. Schell ; co-editors, Edward R. McAuslan, Arthur R. Renfro, Robert E. Walker.[Casper, Wyo.?] : Wyoming Geological Association, c1973.
QE181 .W9 1975Geology and mineral resources of the Bighorn Basin / editors, Frank A. Exum, Gene R. George.[Casper] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1975.
QE181 .W9 1976Geology and energy resources of the Powder River / editor, Richard B. Laudon ; co-editors: William H. Curry, III, John S. Runge.Casper : Wyoming Geological Association, 1976.
QE181 .W9 1978Resources of the Wind River Basin : Casper, Wyoming, Sept. 1978 / managing editor, Richard G. Boyd, oil and gas editor, George M. Olson, mineral editor, Walter W. Boberg.[Casper] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1978.
QE181 .W9 1979Wyoming oil and gas fields symposium : greater Green River Basin / Oil and Gas Field Symposium Committee, Wyoming Geological Association.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1979.
QE181 .W9 1980Stratigraphy of Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association 31st annual field conference guidebook, Jackson Hole, Wyoming--Teton Village, September 6-10, 1980.[Casper?] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1980.
QE181 .W9 1981Energy resources of Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association 32nd Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1981 : Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Teton Village, September 20-22, 1981 / editors, Steven G. Reid, Daniel D. Miller.[Casper, Wyo. : The Association, 1981]
QE181 .W9 1982Geology of Yellowstone Park area : Wyoming Geological Association 33rd annual field conference guidebook, Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, September 15-18, 1982 / editors, Steven G. Reid, David J. Foote.[Casper, Wyo.] : Wyoming Geological Association, 1982.
QE181 .W9 1983Geology of the Bighorn Basin : Wyoming Geological Association 34th annual field conference guidebook, Billings, Montana, September 17-21, 1983 / editor, W.W. Boberg.[Casper, Wyo.?] : The Association, 1983.
QE181 .W9 1984The Permian and Pennsylvanian geology of Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association, 35th annual field conference guidebook / edited by Jim Goolsby and Doug Morton.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1984.
QE181 .W9 1985The Cretaceous geology of Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association, 36th annual field conference guidebook, Casper Wyoming, September 8-11, 1985 / editor Gerald E. Nelson.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1985.
QE181 .W9 1986Rocky Mountain oil and gas fields : Wyoming Geological Association 1986 Symposium, Casper, Wyoming, September 10, 1986 / editor, John H. Noll, associate editor, Kevin M. Doyle.[Casper, Wyo. : WGA Publications, 1986]
QE181 .W9 1987The Thrust belt revisited : Wyoming Geological Association, Thirty eighth field conference guidebook, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 8-11, 1987 / editor W. Roger Miller.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1987.
QE181 .W9 1988Eastern Powder River Basin -- Black Hills : Wyoming Geological Association, Thirty ninth field conference guidebook, Casper, Wyoming, September 9-11, 1988 / editors, Robin P. Diedrich, Mary Ann K. Dyka, W. Roger Miller.Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1988.
QE181 .W9 1989Gas resources of Wyoming / editor, Janet L. Eisert ; Casper Wyoming, September 10-14, 1989.[Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association], 1989 (Casper : Mtn. States Litho)
QE181 .W9 1990Wyoming sedimentation and tectonics : [Forty-first Field Conference guidebook, Casper, Wyo., Aug. 17-23, 1990 / editor, Ralph W. Specht].[Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1990]
QE181 .W9 1991Mineral resources of Wyoming : Wyoming Geological Association Forty-Second Field Conference guidebook, Laramie, Wyo., Sept. 14-18, 1991 / editors, B. Ronald Frost, Sheila Roberts.[Casper, Wyo. : Wyoming Geological Association, 1991]
QE539 .B78 2004Interpretation of three-dimensional seismic data / by Alistair R. Brown.Tulsa, Okla. : American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, c2004.
QE631.A1 C57 2003The Circum-Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean : hydrocarbon habitats, basin formation, and plate tectonics / edited by Claudio Bartolini, Richard T. Buffler, Jon F. Blickwede.Tulsa, Oklahoma : American Association of Petroleum Geologists, c2003.
QH14 .G47 2004Sick of nature / David Gessner.Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth College Press, c2004.
QH90.75 .A44 2003Aquatic protected areas as fisheries management tools : proceedings of the American Fisheries Society/Sea Grant Symposium Aquatic Protected Areas as Fisheries Management Tools held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 11-12 August 2003 / edited by J. Brooke Shipley.Bethesda, Md. : American Fisheries Society, 2004.
QH104 .W637 2004Disconnected rivers : linking rivers to landscapes / Ellen E. Wohl.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2004.
QH105.C2 W344 2002The Klamath knot : explorations of myth and evolution / David Rains Wallace ; illustrations by Karin Wikstrom.Berkeley, Calif., London : University of California Press, [2002]
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QK725 .P48 2004Photosynthetic adaptation : chloroplast to landscape / William K. Smith, Thomas C. Vogelmann, Christa Critchley, editors.New York : Springer, c2004.
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