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B5704.A753 T78 2004Truth and truthmakers / D.M. Armstrong.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
BD638 .T555 2004Time and uncertainty / edited by Paul A. Harris and Michael Crawford.Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2004.
BF39 .S55 2005Measurement theory in action : case studies and exercises / Kenneth S. Shultz, David J. Whitney.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2005.
BF176 .U73 2004Essentials of psychological testing / Susana Urbina.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2004.
BF251 .E33 2004Ecological psychoacoustics / edited by John G. Neuhoff.Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Academic Press, c2004.
BF575.H27 P75 2004Happiness quantified : a satisfaction calculus approach / Bernard van Praag, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
BF637.C6 C75 2004Integrative counselling skills in action.London : SAGE, 2004.
BF697 .J36 2000Changing conceptions of psychological life / edited by Cynthia Lightfoot, Chris LaLonde, Michael Chandler.Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004.
BP65.G7 M37 1998Islam in Britain, 1558-1685 / Nabil Matar.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998.
DJK64 .C38 2003The cauldron of ariantas : studies presented to A.N. Sceglov on the occasion of his 70th birthday / edited by Pia Guldager Bilde, Jakob Munk Hojte and Vladimir F. Stolba.[Aarhus] : Aarhus University Press, c2003.
DK510.34 .N38 2004National identity in Russian culture : an introduction / edited by Simon Franklin and Emma Widdis.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
E99.H68 .R66 2003Roots of sedentism : archaeological excavations at Valencia Vieja, a founding village in the Tucson Basin of Southern Arizona / edited by Henry D. Wallace ; with a foreword by William H. Doelle ; [contributions by] Jenny L. Adams ... [et al.].Tucson, Ariz. : Center for Desert Archaeology, 2003.
E302.6.F8 B624 2004Benjamin Franklin, genius of kites, flights and voting rights / by Seymour Stanton Block.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2004.
E302.6.F8 W25 2004Runaway America : Benjamin Franklin, slavery, and the American Revolution / David Waldstreicher.New York : Hill and Wang, 2004.
E843.K4 P47 2004Jacqueline Kennedy : first lady of the New Frontier / Barbara A. Perry.Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2004.
G156.5.E26 E3545 2004Ecotourism : management and assessment / [edited by] Dimitrios Diamantis.London : Thomson, 2004.
GB980 .B57 2002Concepts of watershed hydrology : an auto-tutorial nutshell course / Peter E. Black.Syracuse, N.Y. : [s.n.], c2002.
GN475.7 .D58 2004Divination and healing : potent vision / edited by Michael Winkelman and Philip M. Peek.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2004.
H61.15 .H35 2004Queer social philosophy : critical readings from Kant to Adorno / Randall Halle.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2004.
HB74.5 .M58 2004Economic learning, experiments and the limits to information / Atanasios Mitropoulos.Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2004.
HC79.E5 B8665 2004The business of sustainability : building industry cases for corporate sustainability / edited by Ulrich Steger.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.
HC79.E5 E26 2004The economics of climate change / edited by Anthony D. Owen and Nick Hanley.London ; New York : Routledge, 2004.
HD75 .B494 2004Fragments of development : nation, gender, and the space of modernity / Suzanne Bergeron.Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c2004.
HD1695.C6 M36 2004Managing the Columbia River : instream flows, water withdrawals, and salmon survival / Committee on Water Resources Management, Instream Flows, and Salmon Survival in the Columbia River Basin, Water Science and Technology Board, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council.Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2004.
HD1761 .L97 2004Civic agriculture : reconnecting farm, food, and community / Thomas A. Lyson.Medford, Mass. : Tufts University Press ; Lebanon, NH : University Press of New England, 2004.
HD5730.5.A6 L38 2004Law and employment : lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean / edited by James J. Heckman, Carmen Pages.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
HD8039.F65 O71 no.04-005Seal pups rest on shore : do not disturb them![Corvallis, Or.] : Sea Grant Oregon ; Oregon State University, [2004?]
HD8039.F65 O71 no.04-006Changing climates, changing earth : global climate change / by Vicki Osis.[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University, [2004]
HD8039.F65 O71 no.04-008Selected crabs of Oregon and Washington : identification guide / [designed by Monica Whipple ; crab descriptions compiled by Sylvia Yamada].Corvallis, OR : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University, c2004.
HD9415 .M53 2004The meat you eat : how corporate farming has endangered America's food supply / Ken Midkiff.New York : St. Martin's Press, c2004.
HD9565 .P349 2003New forces at work in refining : industry views of critical business and operations trends / D.J. Peterson, Sergej Mahnovski.Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2003.
HD9736.E18 G55 2004Global production networking and technological change in East Asia / Shahid Yusuf, M. Anjum Altaf, Kaoru Nabeshima, editors.Washington, D.C. : World Bank ; [New York?] : Oxford University Press, c2004.
HE192.5 .R461 no.103Public transportation operating agencies as employers of choice / Watson Wyatt Worldwide and Focus Group Corporation.Washington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, c2004.
HF5438.4 .S52 2004The secrets of great sales management : advanced strategies for maximizing performance / Robert A. Simpkins.New York : American Management Association, c2004.
HQ76.25 .W55 2004Queer theory, gender theory : an instant primer / Riki Wilchins.Los Angeles, [Calif.] : Alyson Books, 2004.
HQ789 .O53 2004Civic capitalism : the state of childhood / John O'Neill.Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2004.
HT123 .B735 2004Intown living : a different American dream / Ann Breen and Dick Rigby ; maps by Diane Charyk Norris and Charles Norris.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2004.
HV41.2 .A53 1996Ethics for fundraisers / Albert Anderson.Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, c1996.
HV5801 .D78 2004Drug use and cultural contexts 'beyond the West' : tradition, change and post-colonialism / edited by Ross Coomber and Nigel South.[England] : Free Association Books, c2004.
HX264.7.S27 B57 2004Sartre against Stalinism / Ian H. Birchall.New York : Berghahn Books, 2004.
JC71.P264 W45 2004A journey into Platonic politics : Plato's Laws / Albert Keith Whitaker.Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, 2004.
JF130 .H93 2004Making sense of governance : empirical evidence from sixteen developing countries / Goran Hyden, Julius Court, and Kenneth Mease.Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2004.
LA217.2 .W35 2004Curriculum and aims / Decker F. Walker, Jonas F. Soltis.New York : Teachers College Press, c2004.
LB1028.3 .H43 2004The new educational technologies and learning : empowering teachers to teach and students to learn in the information age / by Ibrahim Michail Hefzallah.Springfield, Ill. : Charles C. Thomas, c2004.
LB1779 .S73 2004The ethics of teaching / Kenneth A. Strike, Jonas F. Soltis.New York : Teachers College Press, c2004.
LB2825 .C324 2004How to get the most reform for your reform money / Agnes Gilman Case.Lanham, Md. : ScarecrowEducation, 2004.
LC213.2 .K86 2004Against common sense : teaching and learning toward social justice / Kevin Kumashiro ; foreword by Gloria Ladson-Billings ; afterword by William F. Pinar.New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.
LC1036.8.N67 P83 2004Public acts : disruptive readings on making curriculum public / edited by Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco and Erica R. Meiners ; foreword by Suzanne de Castell.New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.
N72.S3 N366 2004Nanoculture : implications of the new technoscience / edited by N. Katherine Hayles ; graphic design by Danielle Foushee.Bristol, UK ; Portland, Oregon : Intellect Books, 2004.
N6757 .B64 2004Art in an age of counterrevolution, 1815-1848 / Albert Boime.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
N6923.L457 C64 2004Pirro Ligorio : the Renaissance artist, architect, and antiquarian : with a checklist of drawings / David R. Coffin.University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2004.
ND237.H7 A65 2004Weathering the storm : inside Winslow Homer's Gulf Stream / Peter H. Wood.Athens : University of Georgia Press, c2004.
NK824.A1 H47 2004Looking forward, glancing back : Northwest Designer Craftsmen at 50 / Lloyd E. Herman.Bellingham, Wash. : Whatcom Museum of History & Art ; Seattle : Distributed by the University of Washington Press, c2004.
PG3365.A63 A44 2004Limits to interpretation : the meanings of Anna Karenina / Vladimir E. Alexandrov.Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, c2004.
PL2840.J6 A6 2004The execution of mayor Yin and other stories from the great proletarian Cultural Revolution / Chen Ruoxi ; edited by Howard Goldblatt ; with a new introduction by Perry Link ; translated from the Chinese by Nancy Ing and Howard Goldblatt.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2004.
PN1995.9.E96 A48 2004Alternative Europe : eurotrash and exploitation cinema since 1945 / Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik ; [foreword by Jean Rollin].London ; New York : Wallflower, 2004.
PQ2663.I9 N413 2004Neuter / Helene Cixous ; translated and with an introduction by Lorene M. Birden.Lewisburg [Pa.] : Bucknell University Press, c2004.
PQ2682.O436 D4713 2004Minor angels / Antoine Volodine ; translated and with a preface by Jordan Stump.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2004.
PQ4335 .D29 2004Dante : beyond the Commedia / edited with a preface by Anne Paolucci.New York : Published for the Bagehot Council by Griffon House Publications, 2004.
PR2823.A2 W55 2004Macbeth / edited by John Wilders.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
PR6019.O9 Z52637 2004The Cambridge companion to James Joyce / edited by Derek Attridge.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
PS536.2 .P688 2004Potpourri magazine : Council on National Literatures annual awards in poetry and fiction, 1995-2003 / edited by Polly Swafford ; with a preface by Anne Paolucci.Wilmington, DE : Published for The Bagehot Council by Griffon House Publications, c2004.
PT2638.N5 A26 2004Round dance and other plays / Arthur Schnitzler ; translated by J.M.Q. Davies ; with and introduction and notes by Ritchie Robertson.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2004.
Q334 .M33 2004Modeling decisions for artificial intelligence : first international conference, MDAI 2004, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, August 2-4, 2004, Proceedings / Vicenc Torra, Yasuo Narukawa (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.76.D47 X63 2004Extreme programming and agile methods - XP/agile universe 2004 : 4th Conference on Extreme Programming and Agile Methods, Calgary, Canada, August 15-18, 2004 ; proceedings / Carmen Zannier, Hakan Erdogmus, Lowell Lindstrom (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
QA76.87 .I5844 2004Advances in neural networks--ISNN 2004 International Symposium on Neural Networks, Dalian, China, August 19-21, 2004 : proceedings / Fuliang Yin, Jun Wang, Chengan Guo (eds.).Berlin : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.9.D343 D38 2004Database support for data mining applications : discovering knowledge with inductive queries / Rosa Meo, Pier Luca Lanzi, Mika Klemettinen (eds.)Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
QA76.9.D5 I577 2003Principles of distributed systems : 7th international conference, OPODIS 2003, La Martinique, French West Indies, December 10-13, 2003 : revised selected papers / Marina Papatriantafilou, Philippe Hunel (eds.).Berlin : Springer, c2004.
QA274.2 .V35 2004Validation of stochastic systems : a guide to current research / Christel Baier ... [et al.] (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
QA911 .P355 2003Parallel computational fluid dynamics : advanced numerical methods : software and applications : proceedings of the Parallel CFD 2003 Conference, Moscow, Russia (May 13-15, 2003) / edited by B. Chetverushkin ... [et al.].Amsterdam : Elsevier, c2004.
QE1 .S43 no.2004-5001Modeling streamflow and water temperature in the North Santiam and Santiam Rivers, Oregon, 2001-02 / by Annett B. Sullivan and Stewart A. Rounds ; prepared in cooperation with the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies.[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 2004.
QE75 .P7 no.1695The effects of urbanization on the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of coastal New England streams / by James F. Coles ... [et al.].Boulder, CO : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, 2004.
QH301 .I431 no.2003-0006A framework for long-term ecological monitoring in Olympic National Park [electronic resource] : prototype for the Coniferous Forest Biome / Kurt Jenkins, Andrea Woodward, and Ed Schreiner.Port Angeles, WA : USGA Forest Rangleland Ecosystem Science Center, Olympic Field Station, [2002];Electronic reproduction. Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey, 2003 Mode of access: World Wide Web.
QH541.5.T3 P78 2004Boreal forest of Canada and Russia = Taiga Kanady i Rossii / W.O. Pruitt and L.M. Baskin.Sofia : Pensoft, 2004.
QK495.F14 E88 2004Las estaciones ecologicas de los castanares espanoles / Jose Manuel Gandullo Gutierrez ... [et al.].Madrid : INIA, 2004.
QK495.F14 E883 2004Las estaciones ecologicas de los hayedos espanoles / Jose Manuel Gandullo Gutierrez ... [et al.].Madrid : INIA, 2004.
QP357.5 .I58 2003Computational neuroscience: cortical dynamics : 8th International Summer School on Neural Nets, Erice, Italy, October 31 - November 6, 2003 ; revised lectures / Peter Erdi ... [et al.] (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
QP551 .P69758 2001Protein purification techniques : a practical approach / edited by Simon Roe.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.
R857.O6 I58 2004Medical imaging and augmented reality : second international workshop, MIAR 2004, Beijing, China, August 19-20, 2004 ; proceedings / Guang-Zhong Yang, Tianzi Jiang (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
RA1199.4.D66 L69 2004Low dose exposures in the environment : dose-effect relations and risk evaluation / C. Streffer ... [et al.].Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2004.
RA1242.T6 T66 2003bTools for advancing tobacco control in the XXIst century : policy recommendations for smoking cessation and treatment of tobacco dependence : tools for public health / edited by Vera da Costa e Silva.Geneva : World Health Organization, 2003.
RC281.C4 L38 2004Late effects of childhood cancer / edited by W. Hamish B. Wallace and Daniel M. Green.London : Arnold ; New York : Distributed in the United States by Oxford University Press, c2004.
S30.5 .P2 no.347 rev.2004Depression in later life : recognition and treatment / [authors, Vicki L. Schmall and Sally Bowman].[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon State University Extension Service ; [Olympia, Wash.] : Washington State University Cooperative Extension ; [Moscow, Idaho] : University of Idaho Cooperative Extension System ; [Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, c2004.
S698 .C53 2004High hopes for post-harvest : a new look at village-scale crop processing / Brian Clarke.Rome : Agricultural Support Systems Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SB123.57 .P3318 2003La politica de la precaucion : cultivos modificados geneticamente en paises en desarrollo / Robert L. Paarlberg.Washington, DC : International Food Policy Research Institute, c2003.
SB451 .L35 2004Livelihoods grow in gardens : diversifying rural incomes through home gardens / Chris Landon-Lane.Rome : Agricultural Support Systems Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, c2004.
SB473 .D57 2003The well-designed mixed garden : building beds and borders with trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs / Tracy DiSabato-Aust.Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2003.
SB732.87 .H34 1985Monitoring root disease mortality : establishment report / by S.K. Hagle.[Missoula, Mont.] : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Region, State and Private Forestry, [1985]
SB952.5 .O74 2004Oregon pesticide safety education manual : a guide to the safe use and handling of pesticides / Myron Shenk, editor and co-author.[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon State University, Extension Service, 2004.
SD11 .A8715 no.160The forests of Connecticut / Eric H. Wharton ... [et al.].Newtown Square, PA : United States Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station ; Delaware, OH : USDA Forest Service Publications Distribution, [2004]
SD143 .U51 no.545Estimating sawmill processing capacity for Tongass timber / Kenneth A. Kilborn, Daniel J. Parrent, Robert D. Housley.Portland, OR : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, [2004]
SD387.A25 W45 1973Color infrared aerial photography for root disease detection in the Northern Region / by Ralph E. Williams.Missoula, Mont. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Division of State and Private Forestry, Northern Region, [1973]
SD397.P6115 E88 2003Establishing & managing ponderosa pine in the Willamette Valley / [editor, Rick Fletcher].[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon State University, Extension Service, 2003.
SF98.P7 P77 2002Protein sources for the animal feed industry : Expert Consultation and Workshop, Bangkok, 29 April - 3 May 2002.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SF523 .B73 2004Beekeeping and sustainable livelihoods / Nicola Bradbear.Rome : Agricultural Support Systems Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, c2004.
SF780.U5 H3Law for the veterinarian and livestock owner, by H. W. Hannah and Donald F. Storm.Danville, Ill., Interstate Printers and Publishers 1959.
SF780.2 .V48 2004Veterinary microbiology / [edited by] Dwight C. Hirsh, N. James MacLachlan, Richard L. Walker.Ames, Iowa : Blackwell Pub., c2004.
SF918.A48 R47 2003Resistencia a los antiparasitarios : estado actual con enfasis en America Latina / Direccion de Produccion y Sanidad Animal de la FAO.Roma : Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentacion, 2003.
SF992.E53 B725 2004BSAVA manual of canine and feline endocrinology / editors, Carmel T. Mooney and Mark E. Peterson.Quedgeley, Gloucester : British Small Animal Veterinary Association, c2004.
SH1 .F539 no.439Guidelines on the collection of demographic and socio-economic information on fishing communities for use in coastal and aquatic resources management / by Lolita V. Villareal.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SH1 .F539 no.444Assessment and management of seafood safety and quality / by H.H. Huss, L. Ababouch, and L. Gram.Rome, Italy : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SH1 .F539 no.450Health management and biosecurity maintenance in white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) hatcheries in Latin America / by Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Service, Fishery Resources Division, FAO Fisheries Department.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2003.
SH1 .F539 no.459Mapping coastal aquaculture and fisheries structures by satellite imaging radar : case study of the Lingayen Gulf, the Philippines / by Carlo Travaglia, Giuliana Profeti, Jose Aguilar-Manjarrez, and Nelson A. Lopez.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SH1 .F543 no.701Report of the Expert Consultation on Small-Scale Fisheries Management in Sub-Saharan Africa : Accra, Ghana, 12-14 December 2001.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2004.
SH1 .F543 no.729Report of the CFU/FAO Fisheries Statistics and Data Management Workshop : University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, 10-22 March 2003.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Subregional Office for the Caribbean, 2004.
T1 .V871 no.441Integrated news publishing : technology and user experiences : report of the IMU2 project / edited by Caj Sodergard.Espoo [Finland] : Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2001.
T1 .V871 no.448A functional method for assessing protocol implementation security / Rauli Kaksonen.Espoo [Finland] : Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2001.
T1 .V871 no.449Discrete hidden Markov models with application to isolated user-dependent hand gesture recognition / Vesa-Matti Mantyla.Espoo [Finland] : Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2001.
T55 .A25 2004Accident precursor analysis and management : reducing technological risk through diligence / James R. Phimister, Vicki M. Bier, Howard C. Kunreuther, editors.Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2004.
T58.62 .C27 2005Progamming ArcObjects with VBA : a task-oriented approach / Kang-Tsung Chang.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2005.
TA683.2 .M39 2005Design of reinforced concrete / Jack C. McCormac, James K. Nelson.Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley, c2005.
TK5101.A1 I58 2004Telecommunications and networking, ICT 2004 : 11th International Conference on Telecommunications, Fortaleza, Brazil, August 1-6, 2004 : proceedings / Jose Neuman de Souza, Petre Dini, Pascal Lorenz (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
TK5105.88815 .W47 2003Web services, E-Business, and the Semantic Web : second international workshop, WES 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria, June 16-17, 2003 : revised selected papers / Christoph Bussler ... [et al.] (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2004.
TK7882.P3 I57 2004Structural, syntactic, and statistical pattern recognition : joint IAPR international workshops, SSPR 2004 and SPR 2004, Lisbon, Portugal, August 18-20, 2004 : proceedings / Ana Fred ... [et al.] (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2004.
TK7895.E42 C45426 2004Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems--CHES 2004 : 6th international workshop, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 11-13, 2004 : proceedings / Marc Joye, Jean-Jacques Quisquater (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c2004.
TS283 .R57 2004Risk and reliability and evaluation of components and machinery : presented at the 2004 ASME/JSME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference : San Diego, California, USA, July 25-29, 2004 / sponsored by the Pressure Vessels and Piping Division, ASME ; principal editor, L.I. Ezekoye ; contributing editors, J. Farquharson, B.O. Al-Bedoor, Lily Sweet.New York : American Society of Mechanical Engineers, c2004.
TX537 .F45 2004Processed foods for improved livelihoods / Peter Fellows.Rome : Agricultural Support Systems Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, c2004.
UH603 .M66 2004Monitoring metabolic status : predicting decrements in physiological and cognitive performance / Committee on Metabolic Monitoring for Military Field Applications, Standing Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.Washington, DC : National Academies Press, c2004.
Z253.3 I58 2004TeX, XML, and digital typography : International Conference on TeX, XML, and Digital Typography, held jointly with the 25th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, TUG 2004, Xanthi, Greece, August 30 - September 3, 2004 ; proceedings / Apostolos Syropoulos ... [et al.] (eds.).Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004.
Z670 .S681 no.281The information commons / [compiled by] Leslie Haas, Jan Robertson.Washington, D.C. : Association of Research Libraries, Office of Leadership and Management Services, c2004.
Z711 .R444 no.85Digital versus non-digital reference : ask a librarian online and offline / Jessamyn West, guest editor.Binghamton, NY : Haworth Information Press, 2004.