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New Books Since March 13, 2003

This list is updated every Thursday.  Titles are arranged in call number order.
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Call number



A 13.2:C 19/5/997-99Caribou-Targhee National Forest : forest plan monitoring and evaluation report, 1997-1999 / United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Region, Caribou-Targhee National Forest.St. Anthony, ID (420 N. Bridge St., St. Anthony 83445) : The Service, 2000.
A 13.140:C 67/2 XInterior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project [electronic resource] : project data / [Thomas M. Quigley, Rebecca A. Gravenmier, Russell T. Graham, tech. eds.]Portland, Or. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 2001.
AM8 .P47 2002Perspectives on object-centered learning in museums / edited by Scott G. Paris.Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002.
BC57 .R47 2002Representing reason : feminist theory and formal logic / edited by Rachel Joffe Falmagne and Marjorie Hass.Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2002.
BF109.H37 B58 2002Love at Goon Park : Harry Harlow and the science of affection / Deborah Blum.Cambridge, MA : Perseus Pub., c2002.
BF161 .M23 2003Mind, body, and freedom / Patrick T. Mackenzie.Amherst, N.Y. : Humanity Books, 2003.
BF311 .A638 2002Applied metacognition / edited by Timothy J. Perfect, Bennett L. Schwartz.Cambridge, U.K. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
BF697.5.S65 A53 2003Analysing identity : cross-cultural, societal, and clinical contexts / edited by Peter Weinreich & Wendy Saunderson.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
BF713 .B565 2002Blackwell handbook of childhood social development / edited by Peter K. Smith and Craig H. Hart.Oxford Malden, MA : Blackwell Publishers, c2002.
BJ1500.G56 S56 2002One world : the ethics of globalization / Peter Singer.New Haven, CT : London : Yale University Press, 2002.
BL240.2 .T29 2000The luminous web : essays on science and religion / Barbara Brown Taylor.Cambridge, Mass. : Cowley Publications, c2000.
BP63.A35 B47 2003The formation of Islam : religion and society in the Near East, 600-1800 / Jonathan P. Berkey.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
BX1417.P65 B73 2002Adapting in Eden : Oregon's Catholic minority, 1838-1986 / Patricia Brandt, Lillian A. Pereyra.Pullman, Wash. : Washington State University Press, c2002.
BX4220.U6 F53 2003Sisters : Catholic nuns and the making of America / John J. Fialka.New York : St. Martin's Press, 2003.
CC135 .S56 2003Archaeological conservation using polymers : practical applications for organic artifact stabilization / C. Wayne Smith foreword by J. M. Klosowski.College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2003.
D753 .S34 2003A story of America First : the men and women who opposed U.S. intervention in World War II / Ruth Sarles edited with an introduction by Bill Kauffman.Westport, CT : Praeger, 2003.
D764.3.S7 R63 2002Victory at Stalingrad : the battle that changed history / Geoffrey Roberts.London New York : Longman, 2002.
DA938 .T35 2001Ireland's holy wars : the struggle for a nation's soul, 1500-2000 / Marcus Tanner.New Haven London : Yale University Press, c2001.
DA990.U46 K57 2002Identity parades : Northern Irish culture and dissident subjects / Richard Kirkland.Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2002.
DD866 .R6813 2003What I saw : reports from Berlin, 1920-1933 / Joseph Roth translated with an introduction by Michael Hofmann German selection by Michael Bienert.New York : W.W. Norton, c2003.
DU106 .D83 2002Much more than stones and bones : Australian archaeology in the late twentieth century / Hilary du Cros.Carlton South, Vic. : Melbourne University Press, 2002.
E178 .Z75 2003A people's history of the United States : 1492-present / Howard Zinn.New York : HarperCollins, c2003.
E184.O6 A8416 2002Asian American psychology : the science of lives in context / edited by Gordon C. Nagayama Hall and Sumie Okazaki.Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, c2002.
E185.615 .M354 2003Authentically Black : essays for the Black silent majority / John McWhorter.New York : Gotham Books, c2003.
E333 .K46 2003Mr. Jefferson's lost cause : land, farmers, slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase / Roger G. Kennedy.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
E680 .M85 2003Fraud of the century : Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the stolen election of 1876 / Roy Morris, Jr.New York : Simon & Schuster, c2003.
E807 .B46 2002The conquerors : Roosevelt, Truman, and the destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945 / Michael Beschloss.New York : Simon & Schuster, c2002.
F415.3.M39 W66 2003The woman who wouldn't talk / Susan McDougal with Pat Harris introduction by Helen Thomas.New York : Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2003.
F904 .B75 2003Alaska : Saga of a bold land / Walter R. Borneman.New York : HarperCollins, c2003.
F3320.1.A47 S93 2002Inventing indigenous knowledge : archaeology, rural development, and the raised field rehabilitation project in Bolivia / Lynn Swartley.New York : Routledge, 2002.
G70.212 .S63 2003Socio-economic applications of geographic information science / editors David Kidner, Gary Higgs and Sean White.London New York : Taylor & Francis, 2003, c2002.
G70.4 .L34 2003Signal theory methods in multispectral remote sensing / David A. Landgrebe.Hoboken, N.J. : Chichester : Wiley, c2003.
GA190 .N49 2001Cartographic treasures of the Newberry Library : the Newberry Library, October 10, 2001-January 19, 2002.Chicago, IL : The Library, c2001.
GB656.2.H9 A735 2002Arc hydro : GIS for water resources / David R. Maidment, editor.Redlands, Calif. : ESRI Press, c2002.
GC4 .WHOI W2 no.2002-10A comparison of buoy meteorological systems / by Richard E. Payne ... [et al.].Woods Hole, Mass. : Upper Ocean Processes Group, WHOI, [2002]
GT867 .W75 2002The politics of appearances : representations of dress in revolutionary France / Richard Wrigley.Oxford New York : Berg, 2002.
GT880 .V4513 2002Fashion under the occupation / Dominique Veillon translated by Miriam Kochan.Oxford New York : Berg, 2002.
GV709 .S66 2003Sport and women : social issues in international perspective / edited by Ilse Hartman-Tews and Gertrud Pfister.London New York : Routledge/ISCPES, 2003.
GV713 .M57 2002Political risk management in sports / Warren Miller.Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2002.
GV975 .G565 2003Golf course irrigation : environmental design and management practices / James Barrett ... [et al.].Hoboken, New Jersey : J. Wiley & Sons, c2003.
H61 .Y56 2003Applications of case study research / Robert K. Yin.Thousand Oaks : Sage Publications, c2003.
H62 .R667 2003Learning in the field : an introduction to qualitative research / Gretchen B. Rossman, Sharon F. Rallis.Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publications, c2003.
H62 .Y56 2003Case study research : design and methods / Robert K. Yin.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 2003.
HA214 .S73 2002A Statistical portrait of the United States : social conditions and trends / edited by Patricia C. Becker.Lanham, Md. : Bernan Press, c2002.
HB103.M3 R33 2003Marshall's evolutionary economics / Tiziano Raffaelli.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HB501 .J47 2002The future of the capitalist state / Bob Jessop.Cambridge, UK : Polity Malden, MA : Distributed in the USA by Blackwell, 2002.
HB846.5 .P76 2003Providing global public goods : managing globalization / edited by Inge Kaul ... [et al.].New York : Published for the United Nations Development Programme [by] Oxford University Press, 2003.
HC79.I55 G5783 2003The global internet economy / edited by Bruce Kogut.Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, c2003.
HC79.T4 A582 2003The economics of innovation, new technologies and structural change / Cristiano Antonelli.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HD30.27 .H67 2002Business and economic forecasting for the information age : a practical approach / A. Reza Hoshmand.Westport, CT : Quorum Books, 2002.
HD60 .L58 2003Empires of profit : commerce, conquest and corporate responsibility / Daniel Litvin.New York : Texere, 2003.
HD75.6 .E2956 2002Economic theory for the environment : essays in honour of Karl-Goran Maler / edited by Bengt Kristrom, Partha Dasgupta, Karl-Gustaf Lofgren.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA, USA : E. Elgar Pub., c2002.
HD183.A2 A8 no.820Food and agricultural commodity consumption in the United States : looking ahead to 2020 / Biing-Hwan Lin...[et al.].Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 2003.
HD183.A2 A8 no.821Food expenditures by U.S. households : looking ahead to 2020 / Noel Blisard, Jayachandr N. Variyam, and John Cromartie.Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 2003.
HD1417 .A37 2003Agriculture, trade, and the WTO : creating a trading environment for development / Merlinda D. Ingco, editor.Washington, D.C. : World Bank, c2003.
HD1699.A1 S23 2002Africa's international rivers : an economic perspective / Claudia W. Sadoff, Dale Whittington, David Grey.Washington, DC : World Bank, 2002.
HD2741 .A45 2002Governance and economic development : a comparative institutional approach / Joachim Ahrens.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA, USA : E. Elgar, c2002.
HD6276.E82 J48 2003Youth and work in the post-industrial city of North America and Europe / edited by Laurence Roulleau-Berger with an epilogue by Saskia Sassen.Leiden Boston : Brill, 2003.
HD9696.A3 U53172 2003Backfire : Carly Fiorina's high-stakes battle for the soul of Hewlett-Packard / Peter Burrows.Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley & Sons, c2003.
HD9710.J34 K49 2002Toyota's French connection : trends in Japanese-European automotive relations / S.J. Kewley.London : Royal Institute of International Affairs Washington, D.C. : Distributed by Brookings Institution, c2002.
HG4530 .H387 2003Mutual funds : risk and performance analysis for decision making / John A. Haslem.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.
HG4661 .S734 2003Standard and Poor's guide to health care, pharmaceutical and biotech stocks.New York : London : McGraw-Hill, c2003.
HM851 .B86 2003Web theory : an introduction / Robert Burnett and P. David Marshall.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HM851 .K48 2003Key thinkers for the information society / edited by Christopher May, in association with British International Studies Association, International Communications Working Group.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HM851 .L688 2002Uncanny networks : dialogues with the virtual intelligentsia / Geert Lovink.Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, c2002.
HM851 .W57 2003Leaving reality behind : etoy vs eToys.com & other battles to control cyberspace / Adam Wishart and Regula Bochsler.New York, NY : Ecco (HarperCollins), c2003.
HM881 .S63 2002Social movements : identity, culture, and the state / edited by David S. Meyer, Nancy Whittier, & Belinda Robnett.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
HN49.C6 C57 2002Environment in dentralized development : economic and institutional issues / prepared by Vito Cistulli.Rome : Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2002.
HQ784.V55 C457 2002Children's perspectives on domestic violence / Audrey Mullender ... [et al.].London Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2002.
HQ784.V55 S56 2003Shocking violence II : violent disaster, war, and terrorism affecting our youth / edited by Rosemarie Scolaro Moser and Corinne E. Frantz with a foreword by Rush Holt.Springfield, IL : Charles C. Thomas, c2003.
HQ798 .Z34 2002The inside story on teen girls : experts answer teens' questions / Karen Zager and Alice Rubenstein.Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, c2002.
HQ1121 .F74 2002No turning back : the history of feminism and the future of women / Estelle B. Freedman.New York : Ballantine Books, 2002.
HQ1143 .G44 2003Gender and difference in the Middle Ages / Sharon Farmer and Carol Braun Pasternack, editors.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2003.
HQ1180 .W6876 2002Women's studies on its own : a next wave reader in institutional change / edited by Robyn Wiegman.Durham : Duke University Press, 2002.
HT151 .C377 2002The Castells reader on cities and social theory / edited by Ida Susser.Malden, MA : Blackwell, 2002.
HT384.B52 C634 2002Urbanisation and poverty in the cities of the national economic corridor in Bolivia : case study, Cochabamba / Maria del Carmen Ledo Garcia.Delft : DUP Science, c2002.
HT384.M629 S35 2003Newcomers to old towns : suburbanization of the heartland / Sonya Salamon with the collaboration of Karen Davis-Brown ... [et al.].Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2003.
HT1521 .R323 2003Racism : a global reader / edited by Kevin Reilly, Stephen Kaufman, Angela Bodino.Armonk, NY : M.E. Sharpe, c2003.
HV875.55 .A3649 2003Adoption update / Victor Littel, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2003.
HV1448.A82 W476 2002More than refuge : changing responses to domestic violence / Suellen Murray.Perth, W.A. : University of Western Australia Press, 2002.
HV5032.M3 Q56 2002Father Mathew's crusade : temperance in nineteenth-century Ireland and Irish America / John F. Quinn.Amherst Boston : University of Massachusetts Press, c2002.
I 53.2:L 87Recreation area management plan for the Loon Lake Recreation Area / Bureau of Land Management, Coos Bay District, Umpqua Field Office.North Bend, Or. : Bureau of Land Management, Coos Bay District Office, [2002]
JC337 .C585 2002Civil society in the Muslim world : contemporary perspectives / edited by Amyn B. Sajoo.London New York : I.B. Tauris Publishers in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies New York, NY : In the United States of America and in Canada distributed by St. Martin's Press, 2002.
JF60 .W5 2003Civil society : the American model and Third World development / Howard J. Wiarda.Boulder, CO : Westview Press, 2003.
JF195 .I77 2003Irregular armed forces and their role in politics and state formation / edited by Diane E. Davis, Anthony W. Pereira.Cambridge, UK New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
JF799 .N67 2002Democratic phoenix : reinventing political activism / Pippa Norris.Cambridge, UK New York, NY Cambridge University Press, 2002.
JN34.5 .B48 2003Between Europeanization and local societies : the space for territorial governance / edited by Jeanie Bukowski, Simona Piattoni, and Marc Smyrl.Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2003.
JN1415 .K57 2002Explaining Irish democracy / Bill Kissane.Dublin : University College Dublin Press, 2002.
JS1734.C53 P65 2003A political space : reading the global through Clayoquot Sound / Warren Magnusson and Karena Shaw, editors.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2003.
JS2667.A2 S36 2002Linking civil society and the state : urban popular movements, the left, and local government in Peru, 1980-1992 / Gerd Schonwalder.University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2002.
K3525 .C57 2002Legal trends in wildlife management / M.T. Cirelli for the Development Law Service, FAO Legal Office.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2002.
LB1031 .P373 2003Personalized learning : preparing high school students to create their futures / edited by Joseph DiMartino, John Clarke, and Denise Wolk.Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
LB1139.W7 T65 2003The cradle of culture and what children know about writing and numbers before being taught / Liliana Tolchinsky.Mahwah, NJ : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2003.
LB1139.3.G7 L56 2003Child care and early education : good practice to support young children and their families / Jennie Lindon.London : Thomson Learning, c2003.
LB1525 .C56 2002An observation survey : of early literacy achievement / Marie M. Clay.Auckland, N.Z. : Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, 2002.
LB1771 .M27 2003The teacher's guide to National Board certification : unpacking the standards / Adrienne Mack-Kirschner.Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2003.
LB1775.2 .I555 2003Who controls teachers' work? : power and accountability in America's schools / Richard M. Ingersoll.Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2003.
LB1776.2 .T76 2003Who's teaching your children? : why the teacher crisis is worse than you think and what can be done about it / Vivian Troen & Katherine C. Boles.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2003.
LB2332.6 .C65 2003Increasing faculty diversity : the occupational choices of high-achieving minority students / Stephen Cole, Elinor Barber with Melissa Bolyard and Annulla Linders.Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2003.
LB2351 .A26 2003Access and exclusion / edited by Malcolm Tight.Amsterdam Boston : JAI, 2003.
LB2369 .E92 2002How to write a better thesis / David Evans and Paul Gruba.Carlton South, Vic. : Melbourne University Press, 2002.
LB2805 .P289 2003The human touch in educational leadership : a postpositivist approach to understanding educational leadership / Robert H. Palestini.Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
LB2844.53.U6 B75 2003The worm in the apple : how the teacher unions are destroying American education / Peter Brimelow.New York : HarperCollins, c2003.
LB3013.6 .J33 2003Ethics and law for school psychologists / Susan Jacob, Timothy S. Hartshorne.Hoboken, NJ : J. Wiley & Sons, c2003.
LC89 .H63 2003The American dream and the public schools / Jennifer L. Hochschild and Nathan Scovronick.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
LC191.4 .M36 2002Cultural miseducation : in search of a democratic solution / Jane Roland Martin.New York : Teachers College Press, c2002.
LC213.2 .S37 2003Remaking America's three school systems : now separate and unequal / Milton Schwebel.Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
LC1099.3 .T39 2003Bridging multiple worlds : case studies of diverse educational communities / Lorraine S. Taylor, Catharine R. Whittaker.Boston : Allyn and Bacon, 2003.
LC2781.7 .W57 2003Acting Black : college, identity, and the performance of race / Sarah Susannah Willie.New York : Routledge, 2003.
ML290.2 .F45 2002Music and culture in late Renaissance Italy / Iain Fenlon.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
ML397 .L78 2003From Paris to Peoria : how European piano virtuosos brought classical music to the American heartland / R. Allen Lott.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
N5207 .W83 2002Privatising culture : corporate art intervention since the 1980s / Chin-Tao Wu.London New York : Verso, c2002.
N6853.V85 A4 2003Edouard Vuillard / Guy Cogeval with Kimberly Jones ... [et al.].Washington [D.C.] : Copublished by Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Art in association with Yale University Press, New Haven [CT], c2003.
NA2765 .K82 2003Space planning for commercial and residential interiors / Sam Kubba.New York : McGraw-Hill, c2003.
NC257.L4 A4 2003Leonardo da Vinci, master draftsman / edited by Carmen C. Bambach with contributions by Carmen C. Bambach ... [et al.] with the assistance of Rachel Stern and Alison Manges.New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art New Haven [Conn.] : [Distributed by] Yale University Press, c2003.
NC997 .D448 2001Design issues : how graphic design informs society / edited by DK Holland.New York : Allworth Press, c2001.
NC998.5.A1 F66 2002The business side of creativity / Cameron S. Foote.New York : London : W.W. Norton, 2002.
NK805 .D73 2002Drawing on America's past : folk art, modernism, and the Index of American Design / Virginia Tuttle Clayton ...[et al.].Washington [D.C.] : National Gallery of Art Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2002.
NX180.F4 F465 2001Feminist visual culture / edited by Fiona Carson and Claire Pajaczkowska.New York : Routledge, 2001.
NX456.5.S8 D8713 2002History of the Surrealist movement / Gerard Durozoi translated by Alison Anderson.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2002.
NX562 .S65 2003Contemporary Spanish culture : TV, fashion, art, and film / Paul Julian Smith.Cambridge, UK : Polity Malden, MA : Blackwell, 2003.
P116 .E92 2002The evolution of language out of pre-language / edited by T. Givon, Bertram F. Malle.Amsterdam Philadelphia : J. Benjamins Pub., c2002.
PG3476.T58 K9713 2003The slynx / Tatyana Tolstaya translated by Jamey Gambrell.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2003.
PN212 .B67 2003Psychonarratology : foundations for the empirical study of literary response / Marisa Bortolussi, Peter Dixon.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
PN1993.5.Y8 G68 2002Liberated cinema : the Yugoslav experience, 1945-2001 / Daniel J. Goulding.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2002.
PN1995.9.G3 S5 2003Dreams & dead ends : the American gangster film / Jack Shadoian.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
PN2601 .M64 2002A history of Irish theatre, 1601-2000 / Christopher Morash.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
PQ1 .Y2 no.102Belgian memories / [editor] Catherine Labio.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2002.
PQ2193.B7 M3 2002Mademoiselle Giraud, ma femme / Adolphe Belot preface by Emile Zola edited and introduced by Christopher Rivers.New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2002.
PQ2211.C412 C5513 2002Claire d'Albe : an English translation / Sophie Cottin translated by Margaret Cohen, after the 1807 translation by Eliza Anderson Godefroy.New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2002.
PQ4861.M54 I613 2003I'm not scared / Niccolo Ammaniti translated from the Italian by Jonathan Hunt.Edinburgh : Canongate, 2003.
PR478.M6 A74 2002Modernism and cultural conflict, 1880-1922 / Ann L. Ardis.Cambridge, U.K. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
PR3017 .G73 2002Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Montaigne : power and subjectivity from Richard II to Hamlet / Hugh Grady.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
PR4168 .C29 2002The Cambridge companion to the Brontes / edited by Heather Glen.Cambridge, U.K. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
PR5485.A2 L56 2003Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, performance adaptations, criticism / Robert Louis Stevenson edited by Katherine Linehan.New York : Norton, c2003.
PR6005.O4 H4739 2002Approaches to teaching Conrad's "Heart of darkness" and "The secret sharer" / edited by Hunt Hawkins and Brian W. Shaffer.New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2002.
PR6005.O4 H4759 2002Conrad in Africa : new essays on "Heart of darkness" / edited by Attie de Lange and Gail Fincham, with Wieslaw Krajka introduction by Attie de Lange.Boulder, Colo. : Social Science Monographs Lublin : Maria Curie-Sklodowska University New York : distributed by Columbia University Press, c2002.
PR6031.O72 Z5895 2003Beatrix Potter : writing in code / by M. Daphne Kutzer.New York : Routledge, 2003.
PR6052.A64876 B44 2001Behindlings : a novel / Nicola Barker.New York : Ecco, c2001.
PR8722.E93 W37 2002Exile, emigration, and Irish writing / Patrick Ward.Dublin Portland, OR : Irish Academic Press, 2002.
PS121 .L3 2003Studies in classic American literature / D.H. Lawrence edited by Ezra Greenspan, Lindeth Vasey and John Worthen.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
PS1744.G57 Y43 2003Approaches to teaching Gilman's "The yellow wall-paper" and Herland / edited by Denise D. Knight and Cynthia J. Davis.New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2003.
PS3537.H27 A6 2003Selected poems / Karl Shapiro John Updike, editor.New York : Library of America, c2003.
PS3545.H16 A7 2003The age of innocence : authoritative text, background and contexts, sources, criticism / Edith Wharton edited by Candace Waid.New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2003.
PS3545.H16 Z663 2003A historical guide to Edith Wharton / edited by Carol J. Singley.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
PS3553.O633 Z66 2003Understanding Robert Coover / Brian Evenson.Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, c2003.
PS3557.U4864 F43 2003Featherstone / Kirsty Gunn.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2003.
PS3558.A5126 M66 2003The monsters of St. Helena / Brooks Hansen.New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003.
PS3561.A416524 C66 2003The commissariat of enlightenment / Ken Kalfus.New York : Ecco, c2003.
PS3563.A9638 U7 2003The usual rules / Joyce Maynard.New York : St. Martin's Press, 2003.
PS3566.Y55 M3737 2002Immanence and transcendence in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon : a phenomenological study / Joakim Sigvardson.Stockholm, Sweden : Almquist & Wiksell International, c2002.
PS3603.A775 G45 2003Gilligan's wake / Tom Carson.New York : Picador, 2003.
PS3608.O44 L43 2002Learning to fly / by Sarah Katreen Hoggatt.Salem, Or. : Spirit Water Publications, c2002.
PS3613.I5524 W4 2003Welcome to Heavenly Heights / Risa Miller.New York : St. Martin's Press, 2003.
PS3619.H357 H39 2003The hazards of good breeding / Jessica Shattuck.New York : W.W. Norton, c2003.
Q41 .R66 ser.A v.361 no.1803Quantum dots : science on the smallest scale? : papers of a discussion meeting / organized and edited by M. G. Burt, J. H. Harding and A. M. Stoneham.London : The Royal Society, c2003.
Q335 .R86 2003Artificial intelligence : a modern approach / Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig contributing writers, John F. Canny ... [et al.].Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall/Pearson Education, c2003.
QA1 .A8 no.281Random trees, levy processes and spatial branching processes / Thomas Duquesne, Jean-Francois Le Gall.Paris, France : Societe Mathematique de France, 2002.
QA76 .C5476 2003Computer science in perspective : essays dedicated to Thomas Ottmann / Rolf Klein, Hans-Werner Six, Lutz Wegner (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, 2003.
QA76.5 .E566 2003The architecture of computer hardware and systems software : an information technology approach / Irv Englander.New York : Wiley, c2003.
QA76.754 .G37 2003Large-scale software architecture : a practical guide using UML / Jeff Garland, Richard Anthony.Chichester New York : J. Wiley, c2003.
QA76.76.D47 D73 2003DSDM : business focused development / The DSDM Consortium edited by Jennifer Stapleton.London Boston : Addison-Wesley, 2003.
QA76.76.I58 M32 2002Multi-agent-based simulation II : third international workshop, MABS 2002, Bologna, Italy, July 15-16, 2002 : revised papers / Jaime Simao Sichman, Francois Bousquet, Paul Davidsson (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, 2003.
QA76.887 .I58 2002DNA computing : 8th International Workshop on DNA Based Computers, DNA8, Sapporo, Japan, June 10-13, 2002 : revised papers / Masami Hagiya, Azuma Ohuchi (eds.)New York : Springer, 2003.
QA76.9.A25 P443 2002Privacy enhancing technologies : second international workshop, PET 2002, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 14-15, 2002 : revisd papers / Roger Dingledine, Paul Syverson (eds.).New York : Springer-Verlag, 2003.
QA76.95 .I565 2003Mathematical knowledge management : Second International Conference MKM 2003, Bertinoro, Italy, February 16-18, 2003, proceedings / Andrea Asperti, Bruno Buchberger, James H. Davenport (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2003.
QA169 .A483 2000Diagrammatic morphisms and applications : AMS Special Session on Diagrammatic Morphisms in Algebra, Category Theory, and Topology, October 21-22, 2000, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California / David E. Radford, Fernando J.O. Souza, David N. Yetter, editors.Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2003.
QA273.4 .R6313 2003The structural theory of probability : new ideas from computer science on the ancient problem of probability interpretation / Paolo Rocchi.New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2003.
QA276 .W47 2003Applying contemporary statistical techniques / Rand R. Wilcox.San Diego, CA Boston : Academic Press, c2003.
QA276.4 .R34 2003Statistics with Maple / John A. Rafter, Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton.Amsterdam Boston : Academic Press, c2003.
QA278.2 .S4 2003Linear regression analysis / George A. F. Seber, Alan J. Lee.Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley, c2003.
QA297 .D475 2003Numerical analysis in modern scientific computing : an introduction / Peter Deuflhard, Andreas Hohmann.New York : Springer-Verlag, c2003.
QA300.5 .A536 2002Analysis and logic / edited by Catherine Finet & Christian Michaux authors, C. Ward Henson ... [et al.] .Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
QA691 .M395 2002Abstract regular polytopes / Peter McMullen, Egon Schulte.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
QA901 .C8 2003Fundamental mechanics of fluids / I.G. Currie.New York : Marcel Dekker, c2003.
QB14 .K497 2002Illustrated dictionary of practical astronomy / Chris Kitchin.London New York : Springer, c2002.
QC6.2 .O5 2002On the shoulders of giants : the great works of physics and astronomy / edited, with commentary, by Stephen Hawking.Philadelphia : Running Press, c2002.
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