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New EBooks

The OSU Libraries have access to thousands of electronic books. This is a selection of some of our newest e-books that might interest people at HMSC. Some books require OSU affiliation; others do not. If you find something of interest that you can't access, please check with library staff. We'll get you the book, one way or another.

October 28, 2014 New EBooks List

TITLE                      Marine renewable energies [electronic resource]: prospective foresight study for 2030

CALL #                   GC1015.2 .M37 2009eb


AUTHOR              Brown, Reva Berman

TITLE                      Dealing with statistics [electronic resource]: what you need to know

CALL #                   HA29 .B76 2008eb


AUTHOR              Juselius, Katarina

TITLE                      The cointegrated VAR model [electronic resource]: methodology and applications

CALL #                   HB141 .J868 2006eb


TITLE                      Protecting the polar marine environment [electronic resource]: law and policy for pollution prevention

CALL #                   K3592.72 .P76 2000eb


AUTHOR              Jarman, Kristin H.

TITLE                      The art of data analysis [electronic resource]: how to answer almost any question using basic statistics

CALL #                   QA276 .J37 2013eb


AUTHOR              Krause, Andreas

TITLE                      The basics of S and S-plus [electronic resource]

CALL #                   QA276.4 .K73 2000eb


AUTHOR              Berbeke, Geert

TITLE                      Linear mixed models for longitudinal data [electronic resource]

CALL #                   QA279 .V458 2000eb


AUTHOR              Liese, Friedrich

TITLE                      Statistical decision theory [electronic resource]: estimation, testing, and selection

CALL #                   QA279.4 .L54 2008eb


TITLE                      Hierarchical modelling for the environmental sciences [electronic resource]: statistical methods and applications

CALL #                   QA279.5 .H54 2006eb


AUTHOR              Gauthier, Jean-Paul

TITLE                      Deterministic observation theory and applications [electronic resource]

CALL #                   QA402.3 .G378 2001eb


AUTHOR              National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Characterizing Biologically Significant Marine Mammal Behavior.

TITLE                      Marine mammal populations and ocean noise [electronic resource]: determining when noise causes biologically significant effects

CALL #                   QC713.2 .N37 2005eb


AUTHOR              Orr, Elizabeth L.

TITLE                      Oregon geology [electronic resource]

CALL #                   QE155 .O775 2012eb


AUTHOR              Darwin, Charles

TITLE                      The voyage of the Beagle [electronic resource]: Darwin’s five-year circumnavigation

CALL #                   QH11 .D2 2001eb


AUTHOR              Darwin, Charles

TITLE                      Evolutionary writings [electronic resource]

CALL #                   QH31 .D2 A3 2008eb


AUTHOR              Gray, John Stuart

TITLE                      Ecology of marine sediments [electronic resource]: from science to management

CALL #                   QH541.5 .S3 G72 2009eb


TITLE                      Seaweed invasions [electronic resource]: a synthesis of ecological, economic, and legal imperatives

CALL #                   QK570.2 .S42 2007eb


AUTHOR              Hovland, Martin

TITLE                      Deep-water coral reefs [electronic resource]: unique biodiversity hot-spots

CALL #                   QL377 .C5 H685 2008eb


AUTHOR              Jefferson, Thomas A.

TITLE                      Marine mammals of the world [electronic resource]: a comprehensive guide to their identification

CALL #                   QL713.2 .J44 2008eb


TITLE                      The ecosystem approach to fisheries [electronic resource]

CALL #                   SH329 .S87 E36 2009eb