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November 13, 2014 New Books List

Guin Library

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November 13, 2014 New Books List :  New Books at the Guin Library

The following books have arrived at the Guin Library:

TITLE                      Oceanography and marine biology

CALL #                   GC1 .O375 v.52


TITLE                      Assessment of female reproductive effort and maternal effects in Pacific Ocean perch Sebastes alutus: do big old females matter?

CALL #                   GC4 .ORESU O7 no.10-003


TITLE                      Advances in marine biology

CALL #                   QH91 .A3 v.68


AUTHOR              Lardy, Corinne H.

TITLE                      Biogeographical genetic variation of the Dungeness crab (Cancer magister)

CALL #                   QL444 .M33 L37 2006


AUTHOR              Dillon, Mary C.

TITLE                      Genetic structure of sperm whale populations assessed by mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

CALL #                   QL737 .C435 D55 1996


AUTHOR              Greenberg, Paul

TITLE                      American catch: the fight for our local seafood

CALL #                   SH221 .G74 2014


TITLE                      Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species by recreational boats: model legislative provisions & guidance to promote reciprocity among state watercraft inspection and decontamination programs

CALL #                   GC4 .ORESU O7 no.14-001


AUTHOR              North Pacific Marine Science Organization. Working Group 22

TITLE                      Report of Working Group 22 on iron supply and its impact on biogeochemistry and ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean

CALL #                   GC781 .P5351 no.42


AUTHOR              North Pacific Marine Science Organization. Working Group 23

TITLE                      Report of Working Group 23 on Comparative Ecology of Krill in Coastal and Oceanic Waters around the Pacific Rim

CALL #                   GC781 .P5351 no.43


AUTHOR              North Pacific Marine Science Organization. Working Group 24

TITLE                      Report of Working Group 24 on Environmental Interactions of Marine Aquaculture

CALL #                   GC781 .P5351 no.44


AUTHOR              Ebert, David A.

TITLE                      Identification guide to the deep-sea cartilaginous fishes of the Indian Ocean

CALL #                   QL638.9 .E24 2013


AUTHOR              Runsten, Lisen

TITLE                      Using spatial information to support decisions on safeguards and multiple benefits for REDD+ in Tanzania

CALL #                   SD418.3 .T34 R86 2013


AUTHOR              Russell, Suzanne M.

TITLE                      The U.S. whale watching industry of Greater Puget Sound: a description and baseline analysis

CALL #                   SH11 .A541151 no.126


AUTHOR              Roni, Philip

TITLE                      Fish-habitat relationships and the effectiveness of habitat restoration

CALL #                   SH11 .A541151 no.127


AUTHOR              Breiwick, Jeffrey Mark

TITLE                      North Pacific marine mammal bycatch estimation methodology and results, 2007-2011

CALL #                   SH11 .A541431 no.260


AUTHOR              Ferguson, M. C.

TITLE                      Estimates of detection probability for BWASP Bowhead whale, Grey whale, and Beluga sightings collected from Twin Otter and Aero Commander Aircraft, 1989 to 2007 and 2008 to 2011

CALL #                   SH11 .A541431 no.261


AUTHOR              Whitehouse, George A.

TITLE                      Preliminary mass-balance food web model of the eastern Chukchi Sea

CALL #                   SH11 .A541431 no.262


AUTHOR              Shelden, Kim E. W.

TITLE                      Aerial surveys of Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas, in Cook Inlet, Alaska, June 2005 to 2012

CALL #                   SH11 .A541431 no.263


TITLE                      Journal of shellfish research

CALL #                   SH370.A1 J61 v.32 no.3 2013 Dec.


TITLE                      Status of Oregon stocks of coho salmon, 2012

CALL #                   SH686.4 .S73 2012