Music: a survey of some quality resources

TitleMusic: a survey of some quality resources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKing, V
JournalCollege & Research Libraries News
Keywords{GATEWAYS} (Computer networks), {MUSIC} & the Internet {OSULAuthor}
AbstractThe article provides information of use to librarians about Web sites that are devoted to music, many of which contains sound files that the user can access for free. Web addresses and contents are provided for the following categories: classical music, popular music, jazz, ethnomusicology and folk music, opera and musical theater, song lyrics and sheet music, copyright, musical instruments, music theory and music associations. For areas of music not covered in the article, it is suggested that the searcher go to one of the university library gateways or general sites noted in the first section, {"Metasites} and gateways."