Music Research and Reference on the Internet

TitleMusic Research and Reference on the Internet
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsKing, V, Zabel, D
JournalReference & User Services Quarterly
Keywords{ELECTRONIC} information resource searching, {LIBRARIANS}, {MUSIC}, {ONLINE} databases, {ONLINE} information services, {REFERENCE} librarians, {REFERENCE} services (Libraries)
AbstractThis article explores some of the free online assistance available to public or academic reference librarians faced with music reference questions. It will also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Internet tools, examines some of the inadequacies of the free Internet when faced with questions on copyrighted music, and provides examples of some resources to be found online. Musical information on the Internet, as well as in more traditional library information formats, can be difficult to find, especially for those without musical training. Luckily for libraries,the Internet has become the favored information outlet for more than just the garage band; universities, composers, scholars, publishers, associations, and organizations are all putting important knowledge and information online. Many people are working to make it easier for specialists and nonspecialists alike to locate music information through subject directories and catalogs. Databases and other kinds of online information retrieval systems also show a lot of potential. The Internet will only become more useful and important as it develops over time. It may take awhile to make finding music information online simple, but as music is a fundamental aspect of all human cultures, many will keep working to make it available and accessible.