Lost and Found Policies

Items lost in the library may be reclaimed at the Circulation desk.     

Unclaimed items valued at more than $100, or items containing personal information, are collected by Security each week.  These items include phones, wallets, laptops, passports, driver’s licenses, and USBs.  Check at Circulation first (541-737-7254 or valley.circ@oregonstate.edu), then contact Security at 541-737-3010 to inquire about your item.     

All unclaimed keys (personal and OSU) are sent to the key shop.  You may contact them at 541-737-3565.

Unclaimed OSU IDs are taken to the ID center in Kerr.  You may contact them at 541-737-2493.

Other unclaimed items (such as water bottles, notebooks, shoes, and umbrellas) are removed to campus recycling weekly.  Check with the Circulation desk first (541) 737-7254 or valley.circ@oregonstate.edu) and then you may contact http://surplus.oregonstate.edu/lost-and-found.