Libraries publish Forest Phytophthoras, new open access journal

OSU Libraries are pleased to announce the publication of Forest Phytophthoras, a new peer-reviewed, open access journal published at OJS at OregonDigital.org. Editor-in-Chief of Forest Phytophthoras is Dr. Jennifer Parke (Associate Professor/Senior Research, OSU Dept. of Crop and Soil Science). Joyce Eberhart (Senior Faculty Research Assistant, OSU Dept. of Forest Ecosystems and Society) is Managing Editor. The publication of this journal is a result of a year’s worth of discussions between the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services, in particular Tom Johnson (Digital Applications Librarian), Bonnie Avery (Natural Resources Digital Librarian) and Michael Boock (Head, Center for Digital Scholarship and Services), and Dr. Parke and Ms. Eberhart. The first issue is available at http://journals.oregondigital.org/ForestPhytophthora/issue/current. This is the first OSU journal from OJS at OregonDigital to make articles available as html. OJS at OregonDigital.org is a collaboration between the University of Oregon and Oregon State University to provide a publishing service for open access journals affiliated with the institutions. Contact Tom Johnson to learn more about how you or your faculty could take advantage of this system.
Posted - January 03, 2012