Kindles and Kindle E-Books in an Academic Library: Cataloging and Workflow Challenges

TitleKindles and Kindle E-Books in an Academic Library: Cataloging and Workflow Challenges
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSapon-White, RE
JournalLibrary Resources & Technical Services
Date Publishedjan
Type of ArticleArticle
AbstractAcademic and public libraries have begun to purchase e-book readers and make them available for check-out to their users. The nature of the e-books on these devices necessitates new approaches to workflow for acquisitions and cataloging departments. In addition, the application of cataloging rules and conventions presents a number of difficulties for catalogers. At the Oregon State University Libraries, a pilot project to purchase Kindles, load them with e-books, and make them available for circulation offered an opportunity to explore and understand the various challenges that these electronic resources present for traditional technical services units. The experience resulted in several innovations. A novel workflow largely bypassed the acquisitions unit, shifting purchasing procedures to the circulation unit. Use of the Provider-Neutral E-Monograph {MARC} Record Guide made most cataloging straightforward, although the lack of adherence to print conventions for some titles made cataloging a. time-consuming endeavor {LibraryThing} provided an additional avenue of discovery of the Kindle titles for library users.