Metamorphosis: Confluence of Art & Science by Ardis DeFreece

This exhibit by Ardis DeFreece celebrates the convergence of science and art. Ardis was the Artist-In-Residence at HMSC last summer, sponsored by NOAA-NWFSC. “This display was inspired by my love of nature and by a curiosity about the world around us. Artists can convey ideas to a wider audience,” says Ardis, who encourages viewers to use close observation and curiosity when looking at her work.  The artist’s unique perspective on animals and plants is surprising and engaging--and may require a second look to reveal the true subjects of her paintings.

As OSU (SPARK) engages in a yearlong series to highlight the relationship between the arts and science, Ardis’ work helps us to see how one morphs into the other. You can learn more about her work here:

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