The Face of Oregon's Library Community

TitleThe Face of Oregon's Library Community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWebster, JG, Cole, M
Journal{OLA} Quarterly
Type of ArticleArticle
KeywordsLibrarians/Oregon, Librarians/status, Librarians/supply and demand, Recruiting for librarianship, Surveys/Librarians
AbstractThe article highlights the plans of Vision 2010 Committee of the Oregon Library Association ({OLA)} to develop a strong and diverse workforce as of March 2004. The association aims to bring the highest caliber of leadership to every Oregon library and use the broadest range of skills and abilities from people with diverse educational, experiential, and cultural backgrounds. The face of the library community changes annually as people retire, new staff members are recruited, and current employees learn different skills. This call to action focusing on the face of the library community emerged from the realization that the profession was aging, Oregon's demographics were changing, and that libraries needed to respond. Various studies and reports describe the changes in the library profession, as well as {U.S.} society in general. An often cited study by the American Library Association showed a progressive loss of professional library staff resulting from an aging population as well as decreasing recruitment and retention in the library field in 2000. {OLA} members share ideas for replacing experienced library staff as they retire as well as recruitment methods that attract diverse candidates to serve the community.