The Emerging Technologies & Services Department provides strategic leadership in technology services. In alignment with OSU Libraries & Press’ mission, the department empowers OSU and the public to find and use information in support of exploration, discovery and knowledge creation. ETS maintains an evolving, robust and flexible technological infrastructure and provides responsive customer support.


ETS serves as the cornerstone of technological innovation, exploration, and collaboration at OSU Libraries & Press. We adapt and implement technologies that contribute to the evolution of the educational and scholarly landscape.

Strategic Goals

  • Engage with Library staff to understand and meet their needs
    • Identify areas of need, and find, modify or create tools that meet those needs
    • Participate in teams and activities throughout the library to gain a better understanding of needs
    • Track, gather and use assessment data to make strategic decisions
  • Support the needs of OSU and the community
    • Select the most effective, reliable and robust delivery strategies for our services and content
    • Enhance access to data, information and collaborative tools
    • Keep current with user technology to plan for future development
  • Develop skills and expertise
    • Encourage innovative exploration by OSU and the library community
    • Support training and professional development for ETS staff
    • Participate and remain active in various development communities
  • Foster collaborations
    • Participate in planning for campus applications of future technologies
    • Work with various groups on campus to research and implement tools to create a more cohesive user experience
    • Create partnerships with technology communities that can increase productivity
    • Continue to work with our current partners to identify areas of collaboration, testing and exploration
    • Recognize and support new partnerships and collaborations