Civility Campaign at OSU Valley Library

Take one of the elevators at the OSU Valley Library and you will be reminded of a way that you can help to keep the library a civil place to work, study, and collaborate in. A series of 12 posters were created by library graphic artist student employee Vahagn Azaryan with input from the library civility committee. The posters will be rotated out once a week to introduce a new concept that promotes a civil environment. Matching buttons will be made available for people to take and wear.

Because of the diversity of users that come into the Valley library, staff and administration are dedicated to finding ways to promote civility in this shared space. If you have suggestions for events or promotions regarding civility, please contact Kerri Goergen-Doll at kerri.goergen-doll@oregonstate.edu.

Posted - January 11, 2012