The Carl Totten Award was first established in 1995 in memory of Carl E. Totten '30, of Los Angeles. Winifred "Winnie" Wilberding Totten '30, wished to memorialize her husband and the financial difficulties they faced after graduation in 1930. The award honors the sacrifices that today's students endure in order to get a higher education, recognizing student library employees who have a financial need, have provided outstanding service to library patrons while maintaining an active and successful student career.

Previous Totten Outstanding Student Assistant Award Recipients

2016 Recipients

Left to Right: Nicki Anderson, Heather Bennett, Ruth Hoffman, Sefanya Hope, Grant Howell, Rachel Sweet, and Larissa Zens

2015 Recipients


Left to Right: Brittney Main, Alex McFerrin, Haley McLaren, and Cora Seagraves

2014 Recipients

Thanh Nguyen Nicole Gregoire Gjeryl Fajardo Kristin Bates Matthew Schuck

Left to Right: Thanh Nguyen, Nicole Gregoire, Gjeryl Fajardo, Kristin Bates, Matthew Schuck

2013 Recipients

Kallie McKay Lauren Mayer Meyee Cha Rachel Campbell Regina Pimentel

Left to Right: Kallie McKay, Lauren Mayer, Meyee Cha, Rachel Campbell, Regina Pimentel

2012 Recipients

Christy Turner Kelsey Ockert Richard Kimura Bryan Krawczk Ingrid Ockert Amy Zhang

Left to Right: Christy Turner, Kelsey Ockert, Richard Kimura, Bryan Krawczk, Ingrid Ockert, Amy Zhang

2011 Recipients

Rosie Leung Mary Phan Sergio Trujillo

Left to Right: Rosie Leung, Mary Phan, Sergio Trujillo

2010 Recipients

Eric Hepler Joe Nguyen Doug Schulte Stephanie Silver

Left to Right: Eric Hepler, Joe Nguyen, Doug Schulte, Stephanie Silver

2009 Recipients

Melanie Bishop David Moynihan Trevor Sandgathe Doug Schulte Brittany Young

Left to Right: Melanie Bishop, David Moynihan, Trevor Sandgathe, Doug Schulte, Brittany Young

2008 Recipients

Karen Cha Sara Mintonye Anna Opoien Christy Toilver

Left to Right: Karen Cha, Sara Mintonye, Anna Opoien, Christy Toilver

2007 Recipients

Nathan Bruner Derek Han

Left to Right: Nathan Bruner, Derek Han

2006 Recipients

Michelle Cassinelli Philip Vue April Zeller

Left to Right: Michelle Cassinelli, Philip Vue, April Zeller

2005 Recipients

Melissa Barnhart & Suzzette Edwards

Left to Right: Melissa Barnhart, Suzette Edwards, (not shown)Denny Palmer

2004 Recipients

Amber Bessey Mary Cooper Katie Rutherford

Left to Right: Amber Bessey, Mary Cooper, Katie Rutherford