Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award Recipients

The Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award is designed to encourage and to provide funding for meaningful faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or professional capacity-building activities. Priority is given to projects that explore research opportunities or acquire new skills that will benefit the Libraries & Press as well as the faculty member.

This award was made possible by the generous donation of OSU alumnus Bob Lundeen, a former member of the Library Advisory Council and a tremendous supporter of OSU Libraries and Press.

Previous award winners

  • Ithaka Agricultural Research Study (2016)
    • Hannah Rempel and Brooke Robertshaw
    • Final Report
  • Improvisation and Team Building (2016)
    • Maura Valentino
    • Final Report
  • Investigating private industry and nonacademic data management practices (2015)
    • Amanda Whitemire & Steve Van Tuyl
    • Final Report
  • Intercultural faculty development in Madrid, Spain (2015)
  • Exploration of the research preferences of undergraduate and graduate students at OSU related to finding aids and digital content (2014)
  • A statewide survey and collections development project for the Oregon Multicultural Archives and the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives to explore post-custodial theory (2014)
  • Donor development workshop at the Annual Conference for Donor Relations Professionals (2014)
  • Curating and Managing Research Data for Re-Use 5-day workshop (2013)
  • Improving how our digital collections are incorporated into the campus curriculum (2013)
  • SEASR Analytics course as part of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (2013)
  • Focused study on the adoption and use of bibliographic management tools (2012)
  • Onsite investigation of special collections and archives facilities at UCLA, the University of Chicago, and Iowa State University(2012)
  • Study of how OSU students use overnight hours in The Valley Library (2012)
  • eReader ownership makes better 21st century library faculty (2011)
  • "Catching Stories" Oral History Institute (2011)
  • Digital preservation policy and planning (2010)
  • Investigation of the Digital Scholarship Center and Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis at University of Kansas (2010)
  • Image searching behavior of undergraduates (2009)
  • Tell me a story? Using narrative analysis to improve professional practice in Library instruction (2009)
  • Exploring Learning Environments at Institutes of Higher Education and Learning in the United States (2008)
    • Cheryl Middleton, Anne-Marie Deitering, Valery King, Hannah Rempel, Uta Hussong, Dan Bjerke
    • Final Report
  • Point of Service Instructional modules for Public Services (2007)
    • Margaret Mellinger, Hannah Rempel, Paula McMillen
    • Final Report
  • Virtual Orientation to Library for Students by Students (2007)
    • Paula McMillen, Hannah Rempel, Margaret Mellinger, Loretta Rielly
    • Final Report